Talk about 3 weeks on the line into the world’s top 2 million experience

climbed up at noon today and found that our 2Guys collection station is ranked 1829673 a week.. good fun oh..

has been trying to build our own unique style of the site, has always insisted that we send the original article 2guys, has been trying to expand our influence in the 2guys, and finally have a good result, oh…

In fact, we 2Guys

collection station submitted to Alexa just 3 weeks time. From the site so far, we adhere to the natural flow of pure, disdain for any way to brush the point of cheating, because we are 2guys!

first code for our entire site are handwritten, not like now most of the station as a template of a similar, deja vu. Our 2Guys team issued the article has more than and 700 articles, was included in the 2K has more than GG pages, why so short time is included so much. This is due to the quality of the article!

in technology at the same time, our team will send the appropriate number of soft! My own personal experience, in an article about Admin5 programming experience on being the night to write, second days to get up that click on the 1500 times, and the statistical data of the website, one morning from Admin5 to IP are almost independent on the 500..

the next few days, found that there are more than and 10 stations reproduced in this article, the source is signed: 2Guys included stand, oh, no wonder our site visit rate will slowly increase!


so, stick to the original road, is the most fundamental way to development of the website, 2Guys went on not included stand hanging advertising green road, to provide more technical articles at home and no vision included for everyone!


our 2Guys team will also continue to work hard, and hope that the new station will be able to get a little inspiration from us…… ^_^

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