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A5 station network September 10th news: Recently, the domestic well-known O2O platform ultra billion glasses glasses to get A round of ten million level financing, the investor is Cerberus investment company. As one of the first set foot in the electricity supplier glasses platform, billions of glasses after years of development has begun to take shape, this is also the first time to accept the super billion glasses of external financing. Founder Li Changli said, to get the financing means the injection will get more "fresh blood" from the outside, the financing will be used to expand the product chain and team building, the intermediate links to further remove optometry, give users a better experience.

billion super glasses was founded in 2005, is the first to set foot in the electricity supplier platform glasses. Zhejiang founder Li Changli was born, the spirit of "diligent, pragmatic" spirit, the years will be ultra billion glasses to create into a comprehensive platform in physical stores, electronic business platform, door-to-door service in one of the O2O. In ten years, ultra billion glasses in the operation experience of logistics distribution is not perfect, users of the glasses industry, misreading the upstream supply quality is not stable, but a variety of problems, through the establishment of O2O home service system and strengthen quality control, improve the quality of service and a number of initiatives, to gradually gain a firm foothold in the ultra billion glasses electricity supplier in the field, and even subvert the user mistakes of traditional optical industry.

At present,

ultra billion glasses in Hangzhou as the center, gradually expand the service area, has opened dozens of stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other national mainstream city, and improve the supporting service system. Li Changli said that in recent years, has repeatedly considered financing matters, there are a number of investment institutions to actively discuss their investment and listing, but is now only accept A round of financing, Li Changli revealed some reason to A5 Webmaster: "first development financing and listing does help enterprises, bring more funding for the construction of marketing and product services. But in the practical idea, still want to be super special glasses line experience, door glasses, buy platform O2O system to achieve the ultimate, and then accept financing and listing. Secondly, a few years ago, O2O model has just been proposed in the domestic acceptance is still low, O2O is not mature in various fields, is not a good time to accept financing. And in 2015, O2O will usher in a stage of steady development, this time to accept financing and industry progress."

talked about why billion glasses will be favored by investors, the author in contact with hundreds of millions of glasses over and over again after the experience of its services summed up the following points:

full platform construction, multi-channel expansion of user

ultra billion in the construction of their own electricity supplier platform at the same time, also settled in the Tmall mall, and other Jingdong, a comprehensive business platform, and public comment, the U.S. group established cooperative group purchase websites. In the laying of physical stores in the city, the user can first store optometry and experience, or make an appointment to the glasses, ultimately through the website or APP to complete the purchase and delivery.

pay attention to the construction of mobile terminal mobile terminal advantage

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