Taobao’s gray zone Brush sales can not be ignored groups


for people to make electricity supplier, especially Taobao electricity supplier, brush sales is not a strange word, although it has been officially suppressed, but as the grass like crazy growth, this is a large group of people can not be ignored. This brush sales include brush credibility, Taobao refers to Taobao and Tmall (


brush sales market status

is currently unable to determine whether there are many such organizations and platforms, like porn sites, has a huge market demand but very obscure existence. The number of QQ group in brush sales sum of more than one million, with companies, studios, each brush QQ group as the carrier of the platform transactions many years too many to count, brush on the platform of billion, which is a huge ecological group, attached to the surrounding Taobao, tenacious survival and growth.

brush reputation platform scale? Two less well-known platform I participated in, is a team operation, a mobile phone shop and certified account number more than 80 thousand on the site at present, the number of transactions amounted to 10 million of the total. Another name is the name of the network to promote small company operation, every single brush about 10 thousand pen. As for the brush sales of QQ group, 1000 people have more than the size of the group, tens of thousands of people to hundreds of thousands of people, acquaintances and friends brush is not a few. According to Taobao currently 8 million stores to calculate, almost half of the shops have been involved in similar activities. According to last year’s big Taobao 1 trillion and 100 billion turnover, if there is a brush out of the 100 billion, may have underestimated the share of brush sales.

don’t think it’s just a group of grassroots entrepreneurs in fact in a sneaky way minor, this is almost a whole store collective participation of the normal business activities. " ten shops and seven brushes, there are two to find a way, the remaining one is XX". This is the industry’s popular jingle.

now, brush sales have become the basic skills to do Taobao.

shop brush sales reasons

1 ranking more forward

the seller should have good sales, the premise is to have enough opportunity to show, Taobao Shanghai quantity of products, users search for any one of the words will have tens of thousands of results, how many products have a good ranking, this is all sellers are in on the problem.

Product weight order

in Taobao has publicly or proven, product sales, DSR score, the conversion rate is several important indexes, and these indexes can be completely through the brush sales to artificially control. This is the seller brush sales of the most basic driving force.

2 makes promotion more effective

called Taobao "HKNPL machine" train is the most commonly used promotion tools, its principle and natural sort, just slightly less competitive.

through train

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