Google China executives a variety of reasons to suspend cooperation with some agents

days ago, Google announced the termination of Chinese and 7 agency cooperation. 29 afternoon, the 7 agents to the Google Shanghai office to discuss the argument, and invited some media reporters to the scene, released an open letter.

Wang Jinhong

, director of Google Greater China PR told reporters: "in order to provide better service to advertisers, Google has been adjusted in the near future to Chinese area channel, to terminate the cooperation with some agents. Currently, Google is actively recruiting new agents."

according to the "daily economic news" reporter reported that these agents claiming to Google in 27 evening suddenly canceled their agent qualification, and they are going to end the contract with Google signed a two-year. They suspect that Google China will make a new plan for the distribution of benefits of these qualifications, and is China’s internal staff operations, the u.s.".

agency issued an open letter to the top of Google Asia, called "East China advertising agents consumption accounts for the agents of the 41%" Google internal staff to participate in the planning time, and he eventually through this event, free of charge to get a 20% stake in the project. We have reason to believe that this is a huge conspiracy".

has close to Google executives said that the incident is not entirely described by the agents so simple, more reasons have not been disclosed. Google Wang Jinhong said: we do not discuss the case, a variety of reasons that we choose to suspend cooperation. We hope to work with partners in China to provide better service to our customers."

Google AdWords advertising on the regulation of strict and known, and through a set of regulatory system for continuous monitoring. There are agents complained that Google constantly remind them to strictly review the advertising, once found violations, must be severely punished. October 2007, Google and even the Washington Post website and the famous technology blog Engadget also make the right to punish.

according to the "King" of the 2007 report, Google advertising agency China once appeared "edge ball", search "card", there is no advertising sponsorship qualification certificate will link. With the exposure of such advertising brought some litigation disputes, Google China has increased the advertising content management, launched the Adwords content policy, detailing the various types of illegal advertising content.

have to understand the flow of Google advertising agency who told reporters that advertisers decided to advertise in Google, advertising funds collected by agents. Google has had for the same reason terminated collaboration with other agents, but after the advance notice of the agents, the agents did not inform advertisers, and advertisers in large quantities of frozen funds, and Google caused advertisers disputes. Perhaps for this reason, in this event, Google also notified the advertising agency and its advertisers.

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