How Alipay is a premeditated Carnival and planted to you

event overview

November 24th, Alipay released the 9.9.7 version, for some users open the "circle", invited to join the "campus diary" and "white-collar diary". These two circles only female college students and female white-collar users released state, male users can only praise or reward, if you want to comment, then sesame credit score must reach more than 750 points.

November 27th, Alipay, WeChat and micro-blog have launched the "Alipay circle" and "Sun sesame credit" Carnival, a large area of indecent photos scraper in Alipay circle, and attach a reward for transfer, plus friends such strong purpose description.

the morning of November 28th 9, Alipay official micro-blog issued a statement said, "once the bad information in the first time, we have the ability to identify, and take measures for classification, but also cooperative partners to create a healthy environment in the community". Several named Alipay circles have also issued a notice, the vulgar picture, for a reward, plus friends behavior such as delete, gag or pull the black handle.



Alipay official announcement

throw pot to the user? Ha ha Da

this vulgar carnival, the official Alipay out of the "standard user behavior" point of view, a pair of the most innocent face I none of my business. Here just want to say: this pot, the baby is not connected.


this vulgar carnival, is obviously very premeditation. We reverse this from the following 4 aspects:

1 circle positioning

Alipay has chosen the "campus diary", "white collar" Diary of a strong push, and positioning only allowed to meet certain conditions of the release of more than 750 women, sesame men praise, reward and comments, the function itself is very suggestive: imagine what kind of scene is women to show themselves, and then by the male.? to restore the real scene, is nothing more than a badahutong mode, do not say which of women and gender discrimination values. I don’t believe that the rules of the game set up a Alipay official, the intention is to "operators with more common construction of community sharing community interaction based on real interest".

2 seed user

second is the seed of the user’s choice of evidence. No matter is the circle of managers, circle content publishers, participation reward comments have been invited, are Alipay’s own "through the data analysis of seed users invited, not any user can participate in. It can be understood as the published content is Alipay can be expected, even expected.

I did not find the information released by these early users are invited to the picture, but some of the information collected, it is likely to be a group of professional Amoy girl, micro providers, etc.. And administrators, according to the Internet >

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