Reading Cai Wensheng’s micro blog can not fall the life experience is worth learning

Cai Wensheng’s name has long been heard, but I’ve never seen it. A domain name investors become angel investors, domain name investment experts. It is not for Cai Wensheng to replace the two names.

Sometimes I also play

domain name is not necessarily more valuable, of course, play is fun. Sometimes do, not necessarily do much good, earn is happy.

since the micro-blog, began to fall in love with Cai Wensheng’s micro-blog, micro-blog’s value lies in the content, the essence of the content lies in his personal life experience.

some time ago is not very busy every day to listen to Cai Wensheng’s micro-blog, his life experience is worth learning.

is doing the work of SEO in the near future, how to say? Very busy, or very busy, results, no time on micro-blog.

today opened a blog, Cai master so fast, reflects the mobile phone Internet convenient, do not know the use of Lei Jun investment UCWEB, is said to be.

there are two kinds of people who read Cai Wensheng’s blog: the first one is to admire the success of Cai Wensheng, but do nothing. The second is the envy of Cai Wensheng’s success, and motivate yourself to succeed.

Cai Wensheng blog is not just to write their own experiences, but also to share more of their own feelings and personal dynamic, and of course, to share the success of others.

angel investors Cai Wensheng is the most leisure, said he was idle, does not mean he did nothing, but he was willing to decentralization, which is rare in the industry. He and Zhang Zhaoyang, to find such a casual person, like look for a needle in the ocean.

Cai Wensheng wrote micro-blog’s speed, the fastest time two articles poor for one or two minutes.

read Cai Wensheng micro-blog people, not the webmaster, is the Internet practitioners. Remember when Cai Wensheng wants to buy HAO123 1 million, HAO123 just smile, so Cai Wensheng made 265, between also acquired high web site, domain name jump to 265, the result was not defeated by HAO123, but the 265 has sold nearly two times higher than the HAO123 price.

since then, Cai Wensheng began to pay attention to Li Xingping, the origin of the Internet network super webmaster do flow than no one can, whether QQ163 or IP138, now 4399, Li Xingping made the flow is amazing, because Li Xingping was so successful, Cai Wensheng invested 4399, said a China Unicom also enabled laocai 3G 186****4399, a mobile phone number, let a person worth learning laocai.

author Wang Hui 2010-05-17

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