42 site founder Zhang Shenpeng find the answer to you

                Zhang Shenpeng: first, I am very grateful to the NetEase to provide this opportunity to let me come here to introduce this my website, web site called the 42 District, which is one of his big logo, how many people have heard of this website. Please give a hand. Well, I’m glad that half of the people have heard it. The slogan of the website is called "find the person who gives you the answer", this is a website that I write at home, also can say is my poineering project.

What is the website

to write the original intention? My personal website, at home business, often encounter some problems, this problem may be that they do it, looking for someone to help you, but often do not know where to find people, do not know who can help you. You want someone like that, but you can’t find him. I think, there is no such a website, like hospitals, like the registration of your illness, to a specialist to gynecology, to various departments can find the doctor, help you solve all kinds of problems? There is no such website? I search, did not find. And then I thought, I would write a website like this, called "42 area" to find the answer to you".

there are a lot of experience in the industry, you can ask them questions, ask some tough questions, or ask for expert advice, or with your potential partner for communication and exchange. The biggest difference with other online communities is that there is a threshold, you need to pay. Because I want you to go to the hospital to register to also have to pay a registration fee, here you want to really talk about some things, to some cost, to show sincerity, should be very normal thing.

of course, I do not want to do this web site and an online consultation website, this website is not my original intention, I hope that we can do is intended for valuable exchange. What is the value of the exchange? That is here to talk about things, is not nonsense, everyone here can be true for some things and some solutions to the problems of cooperation opportunities. I think it’s a good way to pay online, but it won’t be my website. Last night I wrote a new feature called vision.

vision of the word may relatively obscure I explain that desire can be seen in the scene, it is not a short-term goal is, is that you spend one or two months can be made, nor is it a wonderful though, but a distant ideal, the ideal thing is. That vision is a medium-term goal, you may have three, five years, seven or eight years after those things to do, you can use it to write down, then talk about your difficulties, if others can help you, or are interested, maybe we can get in touch, chat, and communication and maybe have a chance to do this thing really made. This feature only writes a very small one

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