American Accounting website Mint Com get 14 million investment

    August 13th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States online accounting website Mint.Com obtained before the third round of venture investment of $14 million, the current round of investment from DAG Ventures lead investor, the previous investor Benchmark Capital, Shasta Ventures, First Round Capital, Sherpalo Ventures, Felicis Ventures and Hite Capital are also involved in financing.

Mint.Com is a free personal financial management website, mainly for young users, put all personal financial information, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mutual funds, etc. are all included in the establishment of personal pension accounts for the user’s Mint account, from the user fully understand their financial situation.

After entry of

users in the bank and the corresponding online banking account, will automatically download and save each bank payment information, and automatic retrieval and classification techniques will be divided to each expenditure category.

at present, Mint.Com has signed a cooperation agreement with more than 7 thousand and 500 financial institutions, each completed a transaction, will be recorded in real time, and notify the user via sms.

Mint.Com also provides a monthly budget, budget and cash flow statistics management function, help users to analyze each month in all aspects of diet, entertainment and shopping expenditure, so that users develop more targeted users compared "throttling" and other similar programs.

December 2008, released a free iPhone application software services, users can take this through the iPhone to monitor their credit card and bank account information.

Mint.Com2007 officially launched in September, more than a year of the tracking users daily trading volume has exceeded 50 billion US dollars, so far received a total of $31 million in venture capital, the development of number of users over one million.

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