Visit rookie Village land acquisition development logistics and real estate in order to Ma Yun GDP

rookie network to storage core driven "network", its business model is Singapore ProLogis, mapletree group and other professional logistics real estate is not much difference.

intelligent logistics in the end how? There are a lot of ideas, but the problems in the logistics industry, Ma and his rookie network gives a direct answer: first of all we must have, with "million square meters" as the unit of land.

in Ma’s vision, rookie network to use data for the application of open platform, in Zhejiang, Tianjin, Sichuan, Guangdong and other eight nodes to establish a city, to support the daily 30 billion 5-8 years (year 10 trillion) retail sales of smart network backbone networks.


plans to soon hit it off with the local government, a large number of rookie network is the core of the logistics industrial zone has been included in the government plan, this is a natural combination of GDP and internet.

rookie village trouble

58 year old Zhang Min with smoke in their own fields to sit under the tree, in the face of the vast grassland overgrown vineyard, from time to time he gave a deep sigh. The house is a large new real estate and industrial plants, in bursts of noisy cicadas sound, it is very difficult to maintain previous quiet.

Zhang Jiamin’s troubles come from a piece of news in the old newspaper at home:

"in May 2013, Alibaba announced the signing of Chinese e-commerce metro project investment cooperation agreement with the Jinhua agreement, with a total area of 1500 acres, plans a total investment of 15 billion yuan, two years to complete the construction of a project and put into operation, the whole project is completed within five years." The first station as a rookie network landing, the Alibaba plans to build a base in Zhejiang covering node in Jinhua, where Zhang Jiamin is Zhang Zhai Cun landing point rookie project, and was soon incorporated into the scope of land requisition, prophase project involving more than 600 acres of land, which means that the whole village relocation.

in the outside world, thanks to the generous investment Alibaba, is worthy of the name "rookie Zhang Zhai Cun village". But the villagers for generations of peasant rookie network is not familiar with, they only heard only Zhejiang Ma, and that the Alibaba is the world’s largest consortium.

soon, the excavator roar broke the calm of the past, Zhang Zhai Cun village before hundreds of acres of land, rice grape seedlings were uprooted, and was repeatedly rolling and leveling. At the same time, the working group came to their house and carefully measure the size, even the height to be measured. The working group after the departure of Zhang Jiamin, trying to take advantage of the summer and one season of rice, but soon pulled out again, he is informed at the same time, the Alibaba as a rookie network of the two phase of the project has been planned to levy land is not allowed to grow at the same time, the housing cannot be rebuilt or reconstruction.

in the strategic intent of the rookie network, located in Jinhua, 1500 acres of land, will be built throughout the East China’s largest intelligent logistics backbone network. At the same time, all righteousness >

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