Online shopping express price alliance collapse pass through the exit game

private express Baotuan played cards are Taobao price sellers back. 26, through rhyme company said, because the two sides have limit, the seller’s original contract "Taobao express price unchanged. 4 online shopping express price alliance broke up. Although the price storm lull, also tried to whitewash in this game role, but how to not let the logistics distribution and drag into e-commerce need to face the problem.

limit contract price cap

Taobao 26 announced that the use of Taobao sellers pass, rhyme up to the price of two courier companies to maintain the original price, although the price hike of the two companies around the corner, but not for Taobao sellers. Yesterday, Tong, rhyme two company’s official website to hang out "on Taobao book sellers". Two courier companies in the same amazing statement said, the recent price news that Taobao has shipped two seller concerns, solemnly declare, cooperation with Taobao, everything is normal, so the Taobao seller express price is still not higher than the previously announced in the Taobao online logistics pricing.

The role of

in this field is strongly distance themselves from express price in the game. Taobao is just a platform, will not intervene in the logistics industry and the price of the development of the operation, the price is entirely determined by the seller and the logistics companies themselves, Taobao relevant responsible person said. However, from the words of the two courier companies can still feel the Taobao platform in the two companies in the business as well as the strength of Taobao.

26, the reporter interviewed Liu Shuhong, deputy director of the operation of the center line, in the express delivery market director Xia Zubin, the two have said that the price adjustment is not for online shopping, but all courier business. For the first release after prices had to maintain the price advantage of online shopping customers, two courier company explained that "the highest price since the signing of the contract with Taobao, so Taobao seller express price is not higher than the highest price". According to reports, the rhyme close to express delivery costs, to Taobao’s price cap is the first heavy 8 yuan, heavy weight of $3.

addition, a price alliance of two other courier companies Shentong and tact, yesterday is consistent to hang out on the official website of the "notice to reassure the public", as it is, the price in order to ease the cost pressures, in order to ensure the collection and delivery to provide quality services to customers.

WOOHA website has not yet received notice of price increases of

‘s several courier companies due to the recent price alliance, the fuse of rain and snow caused by the backlog problem. After the buyer orders the goods sent in the past, triggered by complaints continued, the seller naturally anxious. In the past by the low price of the customer’s private courier companies that finally got the initiative, hoping to get respite, to ease the rising cost of gasoline, wages and other costs.

logistics and distribution industry is a large-scale enterprises, the number of shipping parts can reduce the cost of distribution. Taobao every day there are 3 million courier business, the country’s 1/3 home delivery logistics generated from Taobao. Taobao seller is an important customer of private courier companies >

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