Daily topics Chen Kun WeChat traced the closing 7 million experts said the alleged illegal business

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 18th news, recently on a Chen Kun WeChat public account received 7 million of the daily news caused a discussion. Since WeChat launched the commercialization, various new ways appear constantly, recently WeChat star Chen Kun launched a public account of membership, spent 18 yuan will be able to pay attention to Chen Kun WeChat public account fans every month to become a member, enjoy a variety of value-added services and privileges.

in WeChat search service, Chen Kun will find that the "micro world" has been quite rich, as long as to become a member, you can see Chen Kun’s portrait, books, music, and members have a clear classification, suitable for different grades of fans. For example, members can not only read the "walking" series of books, Chen Kun’s private music, see Chen Kun’s private photos, but also provide Chen Kun said "voice of good morning, good night". Members can also participate in discussions in the discussion area, and may even be able to get the opportunity to communicate with the idol voice or close. However, the premise of all this is to pay membership fees. In accordance with the price, the fans can pay 18 yuan to become a member of the Chen Kun WeChat platform monthly, $168 can become an annual member. Some calculations, Chen Kunyue has 1 million fans, as long as there are more than 10% hardcore fans to pay, you can get at least $16 million 800 thousand, while Chen Kun has also been not completely subject to the brokerage company’s self media". Some people broke the news that Chen Kun’s WeChat platform, received 7 million yuan a day.

for WeChat public platform star launched the membership fee, the Tencent is given in reply, the current star membership also belongs to the trial operation period, gradually open to all willing to try this kind of cooperation model and star enterprise. Tencent stressed the need to open the star members of the public account fees, must be legal compliance by the company to agency operations. WeChat membership business model only for the enterprise, so the interface is not open to WeChat to pay open to individuals. It is worth noting that the Tencent said WeChat is providing free services to third party operators not involved into any star "in addition to membership, we also welcome other accounts to create more innovative business models in the WeChat platform."


public account open commercial operation mode, IT legal expert Zhao Zhanling believe that this is to be encouraged, but there are also risks, especially to prevent the public account by users of illegal fund-raising, damage the interests of users. Zhao occupation pointed out that the current Chen Kun public account service provider only ICP bit sea record number, no ICP license, any company paid to Internet users through the Internet to provide information service activities, should possess the ICP license." Zhao Zhanling believes that the unique product of the Internet is not a fan of the economy, such as WeChat public account Internet products are just tools, provides a more favorable platform for the commercial operation of fans economy, "if the business volume reached millions of dollars or even thousands of yuan, it is necessary to carry out more strict management."

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