On the requirements of the Ministry of public security to install interactive software my view

      today, the receipt of the notification, the Ministry of public security requirements on IDC examination are as follows:
      the space interactive Internet users to download software installed in the column, the forum, the Ministry of public security to do check. Not on the home page is placed on the alarm booth, placed police police police "forum, the Ministry of public security will severely clean on Tuesday to check after.
      please the company, the customer to each other to tell the

      do not know, the Ministry of public security this is not really want to go to the inventory of illegal websites. Honestly, I don’t want to check the legal information, and with the support of their actions, but from a practical sense, do not know this is not the face job (many management department in love face job people know, Mars), today a tomorrow and make a real, in the end or not and engage in similar.

      well, do not say a digression, I believe most of the IDC have received this notice, I use the Guangdong IDC server, or may Guangdong inventory the Internet time and efforts relative to other provinces earlier, IDC said: this event is the country the same, whether you know it or not, anyway, sooner or later.

      the software requirements on installation, a total of four compressed files, which include socket, embedded software program, and a website of case modification (using the PowerEasy procedures example) folder, other instructions and so on. Honestly, I look for a long time, did not understand how this software is installed (don’t laugh at me, I’m just a very dish that is full of webmaster), very professional stuff (like the server must also be installed), installation process is very cumbersome (not trouble), not only to you installed, installed and you change the site program, no program, knowledge of language is really cannot read.

      since an hour ago to see this file to now, the Ministry of public security, I am very BS, we want to cooperate with the inspection, the software installed, we can not be non different, but at least also want to make a simple good, do not think that can make the website all is the master program, everyone can do hackers. Is the Ministry of public security is no simple procedures can make the "talent" is the Ministry of public security; don’t think as long as we cooperate with the inspection, we do not consider the practical operation; the Ministry of public security is just love a very simple thing to do now is very complex; at least I think so.

      originally in our country to do a rookie webmaster is so difficult.


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