Man and cousin open test sites suspected of fraud was arrested

and cousin do Dongmou Paul had test site, deceive the victim Li Yu (a pseudonym) more than 2.3 yuan. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xicheng District Procuratorate, Dongmou and cousin on suspicion of fraud has been approved the arrest.

September 2010, the man Dongmou created a "elite generation test network" website, on behalf of the online sale of the test business, involving the CPA exam, English exam, architect examination, etc.. Dongmou also found their cousin helper.

March 16, 2011, the victim Li Yu want to find someone on behalf of the CPA exam, search for the essence of the test network, fell into the scam, etc.. Li Yu through the online customer service QQ and Dongmou et al get in touch, Dongmou to meet the two sides need to pay a deposit on the grounds cheated Li Yu 1500 yuan. After the transfer of Li Yu, a self proclaimed Chen teacher who called a reply call, said arrangements can be met with gunmen.

Dongmou then arranged a self proclaimed Miss Huang, who asked Li Yu to ask margin". Li Yu believes that the arrangement of test is not so simple, they lie to Dongmou to remit 10000 yuan. Dongmou and the need to test the deposit grounds, cheat Li Yu remittances 10000 yuan again. Subsequently, Dongmou pretending to question whether Li Yu has been an alarm, called for the need to pay 8000 yuan to get the trust, and then arrange to meet with the gunman. Li Yujian admitted to progress to the last step, it will be in the hands of the remaining 1800 yuan in the past.

later, Li Yu Internet search Dongmou phone number and other relevant information, users have to reflect this person as a liar, Li Yu will be reported to the police. In March 25, 2011, police in Fujian arrested Dongmou and cousin.

according to the suspect Dongmou and cousin account for the examinee trust, Dongmou from Baidu search candidates and similar pictures to each other. They claim that this is a candidate for the candidate. At the same time, Dongmou cousin dressed as "Miss Huang" and other different roles through a device, to pay a deposit for various reasons, the candidates to ask for money.

West City procuratorate prosecutor Ma Aijun said, only in 3 days, Dongmou and cousin through the establishment of test sites on the Internet, defrauding the victim Li Yu more than 2.3 yuan, constitute the crime of fraud.

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