Focus on efficient and stable Discuz NT 3 release

the latest news, Chinese largest Internet community platform and service provider Comsenz (Comsenz)’s core community products Discuz! The latest version of NT 3.O released in August 27th. After several months of research and development and testing, Discuz! NT 3 in the system architecture, UI design and API and other aspects of bold innovation, with a new look to meet with the majority of community users.


Discuz! NT 3 version of the new SQL Server 2005/2008 according to the characteristics of the comprehensive optimization of the stored procedure, solve the previous version of SQL Server2000 stored procedure due to grammatical constraints which several stored procedures cannot be compiled, to enhance the efficiency of database. From Discuz! NT official learned that the new version of the official website of the test results are good, Showtopic and other pages to speed up significantly, while server pressure has been reduced.

in terms of system stability, Discuz, NT 3 system reconstruction eliminates all duplicate code, and the data and the logical layer of a complete separation, to avoid duplication of data methods to increase the possibility of function. Official development, said: Although the effect of this reconstruction is not obvious in a short time, but this reconstruction will provide a solid foundation for the future version of the added functionality!

in the overall design of the UI and the user experience, Discuz! NT3.0 in the retention of the traditional style of the Discuz at the same time to absorb a large number of users by the 7 elements of the design, the formation of Discuz! NT own style. The rapid development of the theme allows large forum which only focus on one section of the users to easily share their latest things, and quickly login, registration, post, window way edit posts and so on convenient functions, will have a better user experience.

In addition

, Discuz! NT 3 API was fully open, two times the development of system integration or post, reply, create user, modify user information integration, create forum, forum list, access to get the post list functions allows developers to easily. 3 version of the API version of the API cancel many of the functions of the session by the limitations of the 3 version of the API can authorize the application to modify the user password, such as a series of operations, the real convenience of the two development. It is worth mentioning that, Discuz! NT 3 with a series of encryption algorithm to ensure the security of the API application, Discuz! The official release of the NT can be assured by third party development by Discuz! NT official certification, users can be assured use. Discuz! NT 3 API another big improvement is to support the client call, based on security considerations, the official call to the client program

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