Angel Dai Zhikang 1000 times the return of the secret dare to break into the deposit of 1 million


2013, Burson interactive brought listed book return 400 million yuan to Dai Zhikang, "a small Empire" was acquired for nearly 50 million yuan in cash. And when he started doing Angel funds, only 1 million yuan.


| Shen Lingli

Dai Zhikang, speaking to an entrepreneur, came up to the assistant and said: "the goal he set is wrong, and the next milestone he wants is to go public or sell. But this is the external things, how much money is the result of the target in this place are generally blind."

over the past year, Dai Zhikang is a harvest year, in the "Dizcuz!" after the founder of "25 year old billionaire entrepreneurs" these labels, his performance achieved another identity: Super angels return.

he cast two companies at the same time to complete the "adult ceremony" in 2013: boyaa interactive listing book return to Dai Zhikang is nearly 1000 times, making him almost completed a large number of people — the ultimate dream angel investment cast of a listed company. Another company, little Empire developers shell wood software is listed on the A-share listed company A acquisition, Dai Zhikang 2 years ago, the investment of RMB 500 thousand yuan will become $45 million. Some of his projects have also been successful investment to get the next round of financing, gratifying gains.

angel investment in the field of financial freedom, Dai Zhikang angel funding is only a mere 1 million yuan; on the resources, he is far less than the status of the Internet industry in the business of other chiefs for years.

he said he was doing an experiment. "I’ve been trying one thing, that is, the probability of success of the early project investment can reach one hundred percent." He even said, I want to do is not an investor, but an exploration of people, investment is only a form."

Dai Zhikang’s philosophy of investment and their own experience, according to the two phase, but also with the growth of the investment enterprises. In Dai Zhikang, regardless of the project, or his own, "looking for" and "I" two words are very similar – not that he is looking for entrepreneurs, it is better to find themselves.

dare to break into 1 million yuan deposit in half, all cast out

according to the original plan, Dai Zhikang hopes to retire at the age of 35, after the angel investors. But he actually started investing in angels almost 10 years ahead of schedule. The initial investment is also a bit unsuspectingly feeling.

2007, Zhou Hongyi Dai Zhikang pulled together the former Dizcuz investment boyaa interactive, angel investors, Dai Zhikang! Since then stride into the field of angel investment. At that time, he was 26 years old, can be used to invest a total of only 1 million yuan of funds.

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