The valuation of 1 billion maxima in half from Ali Tencent and other large companies faction

16 major companies of the employees of the Department of entrepreneurship


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is increasingly concentrated in the venture capital flows trend cold, 2016, investors are paying more attention to the project of "business model" and "profitability", but in addition to this, they will still ask: how team members of the background


behind this problem, investors will always look forward to the team background of big companies, well-known universities and other labels. This judgment is simple and crude, but it is undeniable that the "big company", "famous universities" experience or background always project bonus: after inspection of intelligence talent shows itself in fierce competition, the ability to work and entrepreneurship is easy to get high quality resources and circle.

at the same time, the major well-known enterprises, colleges and universities are also the fertile soil for the development and contribution of Internet technology entrepreneurs.

as of December 31, 2016, IT orange database included a total of 35041 entrepreneurs, of which there are large companies work experience of the people of the 4712, there are college label entrepreneurs of the 5706. IT orange on "entrepreneurs faction" of the 2016 annual inventory will be based on the information database, finishing 16 well-known large companies entrepreneurial factions, 30 well-known university entrepreneurship factions.

This article will introduce the

16 big factions of the company employee turnover in entrepreneurship, these big companies including Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Microsoft, HUAWEI, Sina, Shanda, Sohu, NetEase, IBM, Google, Jinshan, everyone, New Oriental, Qihoo 360 and YAHOO.

note: IT orange database entrepreneurs included standard –

‘s founding team members, including founder, co-founder and COO, CTO etc.; factions included standard: entrepreneurs who had worked in one or more large companies, the entrepreneur and the founder of the company to the faction in statistics.

is willing to leave the number of cliff business fell


previously, we have found that through the analysis of the IT database from 2016 orange, regardless of quantity, each new venture investment projects by quantity, project number, or the overall number of new entrepreneurs have seen a sharp decline. The number of people who leave their businesses from all major companies also fell significantly in 2016.

can be seen from the charts, BAT from the three companies total number of staff turnover accounted for nearly half of the total number of entrepreneurial companies 16 faction entrepreneurs; the number of entrepreneurs from Microsoft, HUAWEI, Shanda, Sina also should not be underestimated, the number exceeded 200.


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