Part of telecom operators shameless illegal infringement

    Description: through the hard work of the owner of the river, 51 statistics in the evening 10:40 all returned to normal, Kaba is not false positives.
    cause: on the night of September 7, 2007, access to the use of famous statistics 51 ( in the part of the user’s part of the website, Kabasiji reported to poison antivirus software (later identified as false positives), 51la webmaster khuong received user feedback quickly after checked without invasion, has not been modified horse, non-toxic confirmation code Kaba, confirmed false positives, immediately on the website issued a notice, and began to contact Kabasiji antivirus software. While waiting for Kaba to find out the cause of the false alarm period, a river found that when the variable name in the JS code contains 7 consecutive digits will be reported poison. In order to reduce the use of 51 statistics users to minimize the loss of the JS, take the variable name in the of the 7 digits (ie, the number of users of ID JS) to a shorter number. At this time, of course, can not wait for Kaba update, if Kaba, as early as tomorrow, the name of the variable in the JS of the 7 digits to a shorter number which requires the generation of all users call the JS file. Because the JS server is in a state of load when the JS is very slow, in order to remove the pressure on the JS server, Jiang Jiang will be deleted in the analysis of, so that JS generated quickly. But in this process, when the DNS record is deleted, the domain name that resolves to a put Google ads on the website (the author is sometimes found in the use of analysis to YAHOO search), so in the process of khuong re generated JS, you will see GG advertising time I want to visit some users with statistical code website (and advertising, such advertising is money to many webmaster do not, because of the influence of the user access to browse, directly affect the evaluation of the site, visitors to the website friendly discount for users)

      and in fact at that time did not parse, it is impossible to read any content. Why is a domain that is not parsed can be accessed?
      this is my purpose of writing this article, the China Telecom, the rogue, when DNS to delete the record, Sichuan Telecom and Hunan Telecom resolves to a put Google ads website (the author is sometimes found in the use of analysis to YAHOO search). This directly led to some of the personal webmaster (including a river) of telecommunications shameless behavior, and some of the owners of the excesses. A virus that was originally a false alarm software and China Telecom do not matter, when I have to say that China Telecom is not only shameless, but also rogue, infringement, illegal >

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