Hubei cracked a large series of online gambling case involving gambling about 20000000000

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June 11th Xianning Municipal Public Security Bureau, together with the gambling money involved reached 50 billion yuan, the Ministry of public security into a major portion of the governor’s large series of online gambling case in our province, basically solved.

It is reported that

, the online gambling case involving online soccer gambling, betting or gambling "baccarat" and "Liuhe color", and the compensation earned through the online banking and electronic payment platform for money delivery, tens of thousands of people involved in Shanghai, Guangdong from Beijing, more than 10 provinces, the Ministry of public security case.

September 2007, Xianning police investigation found that Cheng Yong (Xianning) and others in Xianning using the Internet to open gambling sites. In September 28th of that year, access to relevant evidence, the police by Cheng Yong, Qian Jin and others suspected of casino crimes investigation, further criminal acts of Wuhan Gu Xiaoyan and Liu Bin casino. Upon request to the public security organs, the Xianning Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force. July 2008, the Ministry of public security will be classified as the case of the Ministry of supervision, and designated the Xianning Provincial Public Security Bureau is responsible for the investigation.

since September 28, 2007, the police dispatched elite police have seized Cheng Yong, Liu Bin, Gu Xiaoyan, Peng, Huang Zuokun and other 5 Chinese Gambling Criminal gangs. Currently, 4 members of the Huang Zuokun group is being tried in court, the other 4 criminal gangs have been sentenced to 27 members. Among them, the gang principal Gu Xiaoyan, Liu Bin were sentenced to 9 years, the other members were sentenced to various penalties.

this series of online gambling groups for the purpose of illegal profit, in the network to open gambling sites or offshore gambling sites as a proxy, develop offline, to attract members, accept bets for soccer gambling, gambling and other criminal activities, gambling money involved amounted to about 50000000000 yuan.

this series of Internet gambling case, is a new form of crime, with a huge amount of gambling, participation in numerous people, hidden committing means and handling evidence of the difficulties, is rare since the founding. At the same time, criminal gangs through underground banks and other forms of gambling money transfer, resulting in a large number of outside capital flows. Only the Gu Xiaoyan Gang, a week to foreign capital amounted to 100 million yuan.

initially identified, the series is also suspected of criminal gangs in the mainland organization personnel to go to Macao to gamble in the mainland and clearing gambling crimes. Currently, the case is under further investigation, the relevant circumstances the police will be announced in due course.

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