Ten years of ups and downs a historical event that occurs only once


March 6, 2015 is the ten anniversary of watercress. No matter how to judge the business, watercress is undoubtedly a significant impact on our lives. This article with the data in detail the ten years of changes in watercress, very detailed. The following quote from the article:

watercress belongs to the kind of "only once" historical event. Without such a huge virtual coffee shop, the spiritual life of our time may be much less.

bean in this past nearly ten years, to maintain a relatively stable development, please note that the "relative" the modifier, because the Internet is a particularly easy flash and the sudden decline of industry, it is sometimes change a roller coaster. In this sense, one of the success of watercress is not that it runs faster than peers, but that it is slow to die". Recently, the average index compared with the highest point in history, happy net fell 99.3%, Renren fell by 87.6%, Sina micro-blog fell by up to 82%. Watercress dropped by 41.3%.

watercress these years seem to change little, but the change is not necessarily good, it has been very difficult to exist, I only hope that it is at least slowly over the past.

from the data to see the rise and fall of watercress

Author: Wei Zhou

from March 6, 2005 officially launched since the birth of watercress has been ten years, this time a review may also is appropriate. In the past ten years, there are many challenges and doubts from the watercress (most of these voices are probably from its users), but it can not be denied that it can create a history. The pattern has not been fully replicated in China (in the sense that it has no competitors), and it belongs to the "only once" historical event. Whether good or bad, it appears, for the majority of young artists, ordinary youth and some moronic young man offers a share of reading, movies and music experience of the public platform, is not an exaggeration to say that if there is no such a huge virtual cafe, the spirit of the times of life may be many poor — at least I am so.

in the watercress before there has been China natural network media, but early site interaction is not strong, was the representative of the portals and vertical sites, and they released the information in the traditional media is the same, namely from the information source to the user is "one to many", a single source of information release information to millions of potential audience. Then in 2003 about the rise of the first generation web 2 model website, its model is "many to many", the website is a platform, and by the user spontaneous production of content (UGC, user generate content), then a blog in Miami, but in the end it was found that the media to further social in order to accomplish this mission. In this sense, QQ, micro-blog, Taobao, WeChat are the same: the media are "many to many" platform; but compared with these sites, watercress

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