Nora Wang Xin appeared in the CCTV focus choked several times

[Abstract] police investigators revealed that many employees were friends and relatives for Nora pornography, Wang Xin choked several times in the interview.

CCTV exposure Nora jurisprudence history staff to relatives and porn


September 24th, CCTV news broadcast and focus column reported Nora case, Nora corporate and general manager Wang Xin (micro-blog), confessed to the crime, he in an interview with CCTV choked several times.

Chen Shuai, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen city public security detachment police patrol CCTV revealed that in the process of handling the case, Nora employees believe that only provide a platform, the player does not believe that the crime is


The director of Public Security Bureau of Ministry of public security

Liu Shaowu explained, "the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the supreme law stipulates, knowing that in the online communication, manufacturing, trafficking and replication of pornographic information, still give the services provided, in the criminal investigation, criminal punishment to crime."

Beijing, Haidian Branch police brigade pre Niu Wancheng during an interview with CCTV said, "after catching a lot of people, they are watching, and they all know Nora can see him a lot of friends and relatives that you know, said Nora work," where you can see the porn, you give me well, please. ""

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy chief Fan Hongyu security corps of CCTV said, "from the beginning of January 8th this year, Nora formed a technical department for technical innovation of these video stored on the server, the original fragmented into a storage disk array type, debris storage mode, as a result, we are now from his server cannot complete access to pornographic videos, which brings great difficulties to the investigation work."

after the incident, Shenzhen Nora’s legal representative and general manager Wang Xin fled to abroad. As soon as it is under arrest, the Ministry of public security coordination Interpol issued a red briefing. In August 8th, Wang Xin was arrested in Jeju Island, South Korea, and on the same day was escorted home, custody to the Beijing City Detention Center in Haidian.


Wang Xin said in the video, "we may have some inert or some lucky thought, was not up to the supervision of the case, your influence is not a few people, may be a generation, because I have two children."

Wang Xin confessed to their crime, also had the behavior of reflection. "If a product, do even bigger and stronger, it lost today, then perish, it will not have good results, this is my own summary, an advice is also on the industry practitioners." In the video, Wang Xin choked several times.

Liu Shaowu, director of the public security administration of the Ministry of public security

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