How to buy the site operations experience fierce competition in how to grow

Since the ocean shore Groupon

each other at an alarming rate in the short term development and sustained profitability after rich, the Internet once again Chinese because "American Internet profit model" and began a large-scale imitation, group purchase has become a network of highly network entrepreneurs sought gold soil, according to incomplete statistics, greatly small group purchase websites have more than 1 thousand and does not include the community management mode of group purchase and Beijing area, there are hundreds, so how can the network group purchase in the fierce competition in the development of


a good entrepreneurial team: we are a group of young, dynamic, enterprising after the founding of the Internet and e-commerce development has a unique understanding of the young people of this era. To many entrepreneurial webmaster as stationmaster net like dream, not only for their own network, wealth, more network users to bring tangible benefits to.

a good domain name: collecting network group purchase the domain name, the domain name easy to remember, so that users not only memory and input is also very fast, but the name did other websites, leaving a lot of the chain, which is advantageous for a new station. Good domain is the beginning of success.

a good program: build a group purchase network platform is easy now, the network also has a lot of network group purchase program in the sale, the price is not expensive, the construction of network platform for the owners group purchase is very helpful, and we are in the analysis of the major advantages of the network group purchase combined with the actual operation situation their own development, simple operation and easy and concise page and various functions to users the best experience, only good user experience to retain customers, or customers because of clutter and complex operation loss.

is a good product: as a network group purchase group purchase every day, as A5 webmaster of each group purchase, selection of quality products, let the A5 webmaster feel the group purchase discount consumption affordable boutique. We have been in a single day group purchase enjoy fine life goals in the mining products, of course, because of the time not long run domestic network group purchase group purchase network, the choice of products are exploring deep, lessons, but also have a successful harvest, this time our team has been let customers really enjoy group purchase splendid pleasure in the study of what kind of products can, we analyzed a large group purchase group purchase website products, and to study the A5 group purchase product selection (after all, there is a A5 graph king’s successful Internet business experience, can be used for reference to our these Internet entrepreneurs), found that the choice of products to site positioning of the crowd, and not see what good sells what see high profit group purchase group purchase, what what, stick to their website positioning of the consumer groups, to business Home to provide marketing and sales of dual income network platform for consumers to improve the quality of affordable products, we do buy concept.

a good way to promote: on the promotion, each group has its own unique characteristics of the network, and some like leaflets, >

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