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Scott Cook was founded in 1983 when Intuit, a time when many Silicon Valley celebrities have not yet been born. He will slowly become a culture of the company now known as the unicorn, the number of employees up to 8500 people every year to attract 60 million customers. During the visit, Cook abandoned the management such as courtesy, to share with you how to identify talent, facing the competition, build an enduring company and every first venture CEO should understand and experience.


Bukexiaoqu employee background investigation

everyone said to attract excellent talent, but the founder will know that this is easy to say, hard to do. Not just because of the small company failed to persuade the talented person to join the capital, it is because you are very difficult in the beginning to identify whether a person has the potential, good enough. Interview is often one of the most basic and comprehensive understanding of the process. Cook reading countless people, he found that the best way to identify employees is to investigate the background of employees through the former boss. Most people use background checks to check employee information to ensure that they are telling the truth, but Cook uses this method to evaluate and select the best candidate. Talking with former colleagues can be said to be the most direct and effective way to understand a person.

Cook at the beginning of what you want in the recruitment of staff type:

1. Intelligent;

2. Strong learning ability;

3. Work efficiently and serve customers;

4. Serious work.

Cook focuses on the last point. There is a great deal of difference between people and work level and work efficiency. Two people who have the same qualifications and the same energy will get different results. Do people will have a lot of followers, they know how to plan things, clarifying the priority among priorities, while others spend the same time only half. But you don’t want men as the founder of colleagues dawdling, you need to be able, is the real doer."

Remember that

four Cook began to do background investigation golden laws and precious rules, by telephone, a former colleague of communication with employees. But the fact is that we are relatively friendly, not completely transparent, honest work will be presented, and only heard praise each other along the way, such as the employee’s potential is great, great benefits to the team and so on.

Cook was found to be the best way to hear the truth is to ignore the previous fomulars, entered, such as questioning: "in this job before people, you give the colleague score if he could get a


some of them replied: "7 points."

Cook then asked: "why not get 9 points or even out?" after a series of setbacks, the final.

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