Website viscosity from what aspects to consider

      today, we discuss how to improve the viscosity of the site, which should be paid attention to! Welcome to add, Paizhuan, thank you!

      1, web site design features, have their own ideas, and not completely imitate other people’s ideas come over.

     , 2, web site structure is clear, just think of a web site column is not clear, so that the user to the site to find what is very inconvenient, this kind of site will certainly not like users like.

      3, the content of the site is mostly original, authoritative, the subject is very small, this should be the most important bar

     , 4, the site is simple, hao123 is the most simple, and did not learn the Internet, as long as the Internet can operate, Baidu, valley degrees are examples of this.

      5, web site customer service is very good, user feedback and questions can be answered in a timely manner, so that users have been respected, the user is willing to patronize.

      6, site speed, imagine a website has not opened a minute, and then the user has to be patient.

      7, do not give too many users harassment, some sites open, pop-up window, you do not click on ads everywhere, he will not leave, even some deceptive download have seriously affected users of this website trust.

      more than seven points are not in order, once again welcome to add. Thanks!!

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