The essence of soft is to share or advertising

has been said that with more and more soft, the effect will become worse and worse, and finally this propaganda will be no effect, and then quit the stage. I beg to differ on this point of view, I think that this view is pure people do not understand what is soft. The meaning of soft Wen is a soft implant advertising articles, his central words is the article, and even the original article, and advertising is only implanted into the content.

soft no recession, share more than advertising

we see Hunan TV’s ugly Wudi, has been implanted in advertising, it can be understood as "soft play", carry forward this is a kind of soft advertising, is the same for promotional products, but also a very vivid way of promotion, marketing tactics, I often write some soft article. Is to share based, supplemented by advertising, for example, Taobao wrote articles about the need to introduce the Taobao store navigation station, I will specifically recommend my Taobao 28 Street (, I think this will not affect the mass of the center of the understanding, can also put my site Taobao 28 Street recommend out, no matter to me or to see people are a share and return.

write soft first you should be familiar with their products or website

first, it is undeniable that now many people write themselves, even the product do not understand, do not understand the website, began to write soft, the writing is very soft, others have very advertising advertising do you feel, I too far fetched. General love to explain in the form of case, such as the share of SEO, I will be on your own web site for sharing, combined with their own website, to select keywords, keyword distribution, the establishment of the chain in the chain, so they have not found their own highlights, how do you share the highlights, and the promotion of their own, so the real soft first to convince yourself that you even can’t convince, persuade the public not to mention.

appropriate soft to the right people to see

says many people can write soft, not only did not share the clear bright spot, and there is no good for reading this article recommend to customers, such as my site Taobao 28 street, I will write three soft Wen, one is for the owners, I will share my experience the site, the 28 Street extension experience, the second category is the Taobao store, I will share the benefits of the 28 Street extension shop, shop 28 Street navigation purposes, as well as 28 street views about the future of Taobao store, the third category is the consumer online shopping, I will share the 28 Taobao street how to save his Taobao Bay time, which is Taobao net store. And so on to share, so your promotion is more effective, in order to play his due soft power.

soft news and news is just a line between

free content sharing, with the advertising effect, so the soft Wen is a very reasonable form of the article, news and soft text is sometimes just a line, the news is that there are a number of professional judges >

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