Li Kaifu what kind of talent for business think entrepreneurs need to have these ten abilities

Abstract: some people’s business sense is innate, such as Hu Xueyan, more people’s business sense depends on the day after tomorrow. If you want to be a businessman, you should train your business sense as a trained dog. Good business sense is the best guarantee for the success of entrepreneurs.


what kind of talent for business? We can now have been successful entrepreneurs who look for some common. The characteristics of the famous focus Jason Jiang, Chen Tianqiao, grand NetEase Ding Lei, Baidu Robin Li, Gates, Jobs, page, etc. have a few common achievements of his career.

first of all they are passionate but very rational, they do not simply enjoy the entrepreneurial process, they are for a good result. They are doing their favorite things, so I can go all out, every day, but the workload is not very tired. They are their own products and services of the best quality inspector and improvement, while paying close attention to innovation.

foreign entrepreneurs have the courage to break the tradition, because they have a very good legal system as a guarantee; domestic entrepreneurs often need to try the Chinese business unspoken rules". Where is no business location, the first step is to make achievements must drive.

if an entrepreneur can have the above conditions and decades of persistence, then there are at least 60% of the success factors.

entrepreneurs need to have ten capabilities

1, strong desire

"desire", in fact, is a life goal, an ideal life. Different entrepreneurs desire and desire of ordinary people is that they often desire beyond their reality, they often need to break the current foothold, break in front of the cage, to be able to achieve.

so, the entrepreneur’s desire is often accompanied by action and sacrifice. This is not what ordinary people can do.


want to get, and by now the identity, status, wealth is not, so to rely on entrepreneurship, start to change the identity, to improve the status, the accumulation of wealth, this is a lot of entrepreneurs "life trilogy".

because of desire, but can not be reconciled, and entrepreneurship, and the action, and successful, this is the common road most entrepreneurs through the start empty-handed.

maybe we can apply a great man’s words: "desire is the biggest driving force of entrepreneurship."

2, beyond the imagination of endurance

on the road of entrepreneurship, how to pay the price, how to pay, how many stand others can not tolerate the oppressed, suffering and even humiliation, this feeling only people who venture most clearly! How many people are willing to pay the same price with them.

for most people, patience is a virtue, for entrepreneurs

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