Website revision is also the premise of the site

from running the site management website, every 2 years website revision, is necessary, but also need to change the website skills!

looked at a number of sites revision plan, it was found that most sites in the revision of the time, mainly put on design, the function of the website, content management system, while ignoring the keeping of existing traffic, as the search engine visibility, almost without this concept.

website revision, how to change? If it is only a slight change in the design, function and columns, these are very simple, technically and not much difficulty. Just for the development of the site itself, do not have much effect, especially some are not friendly to the search engine is a very serious problem in the site, there is no specific revision, the equivalent to a web site for a shell, palliatives. I was in the blog, when the bottleneck of the development of the site how to do it, mentioned in the past, when the site encountered bottlenecks in the development, is the need for revision or re construction of the problem. Whether it is the revision or reconstruction, we need to carry out the analysis of the diagnosis, to find out where the problem is to optimize the effective revision, rather than blindly to re build a new site. In fact, if there is not a very serious problem of the site, after the site optimization, can achieve better development.

for many domestic websites have not been optimized, the site is equivalent to the two revision of the site reconstruction. For the revision of the program, for the success of the correction plays a vital role. Website planning, not only to cover the front design, function module design, database design, program design, all aspects of team cooperation, also need to search engine optimization by combining the ideas in it. To improve the site system at the same time, increase user friendliness and search engine friendliness.

below is for the site may be encountered several cases of revision and recommendations, only for reference:

first, the website to choose what kind of content management system (CMS)

most of the sites are now with a background management system (CMS), which can save a lot of time to edit the article, so that maintenance and management simplification. Even a website without CMS, it is easy to add CMS. A good CMS is not only required to manage and maintain the content of the existing web site, but also flexible and scalable, can help you build a better website.

CMS can help us better maintain and manage the site, but for now, most CMS are lack of search engine friendliness, it is difficult to adapt to search engine rules.

evaluation of a CMS search engine friendly, you can be evaluated by the following points: you are in edit and submit the homepage, whether through the CMS is independent of title and as a web page, generated by CMS "URL is a search engine friendly (such as whether URL do static processing), you can change the editorial content, such as text editing and pass on

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