Entrepreneurship is not subversive to respect common sense solve problems

Abstract: common sense in business is to make money, to be useful to users, to make our life more efficient and enjoyable. So, wake up youngster! Back to the real world, don’t be a hero of your own life to do.

and entrepreneurs in the past no one concerned about the difference, and now the status of entrepreneurship has risen to the height of national strategy.

however, entrepreneurial attention does not mean it does not mean the victory of a cut above others. It’s just a change in the way we live – in the past we wanted to get a job after work. Now, we want to start our own business to solve the problem, and we hope to have a chance to go up. Many entrepreneurs feel the courage, the future grand exhibition, this is extremely wrong. Entrepreneurship means that every penny is out of your pocket, and every penny is earned from your users. Entrepreneurship is the first common sense, is to make money.


what is knowledge? The street really works, this is common sense. Many entrepreneurs will be said to subvert the mouth, what is the subversion of these people around us really solve the problem, called subversion.

many entrepreneurs to start a business as a fashionable thing, but it is not.

entrepreneurship is the most painful, but also the most fun thing. If you can not face the hard work, if you can not experience the fun of it, you rely on the mouth of the subversion, in fact, no meaning.

, for example, some entrepreneurs want to let father old lady don’t have to go to the supermarket, the food delivery. Said it would subvert the spending habits. Actually? If the entrepreneur is also free to send food home 5 dollars, all the old lady he will wait for the door, do not save money once you try it again? In fact they wish to go out for a walk, can’t die home airtight. If you don’t save money, the market does not exist at all — even if you ho throw billions of dollars for 10 million registered users, as long as the user immediately disappeared, subsidies for the user data, simply not worth the money.

on the contrary, if you know these old people’s depression and loneliness, really solve their boring at home, the square dance better landing, perhaps really can solve the big problem. Therefore, any entrepreneur, do not want to start before the good, you are not selected to save the world super hero. You first solve the problems around you, it is possible to solve the problem of the world; you change yourself, to change the world.

give up the illusion, forget the subversion, return to the scope of your abilities and the problems around you, think carefully about what problems can be solved through your efforts. Entrepreneurship is to make society better and better not because of subversion. We say the subversion is not because the product subversion, but because of the user’s choice, consumption habits or ways to solve the problem is completely resolved.

from the river water to the water tank to tap water, because selection > age evolution

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