How to use the interpretation of the WeChat marketing thinking to do micro business

micro business has become the most popular topic, but also the people consider business form of choice, because the micro’s magic is so not carefully created, in the micro business topic at leisure, is everywhere, we cannot doubt with eyes to look at it, because the micro business does have a extraordinary charm. Micro business success lies in the effect of convenient operation and marketing mode on the nexus and incentive effect, easy to obtain the favor. WeChat marketing model is not a single method, not a function of the application, it is a complete set of operating system, of course, can be likened to a branch of the "faction", or as a discipline. This model requires an accumulation of operating experience, not invented and imagination, is to enhance the experience through the years to hone, so as the marketing mode of micro business is a gold mine to be discovered, to develop in the future to more people, so what stage micro manufacturers can use the marketing mode


online and offline synchronization operation, do not stay dead in front of the house. Involved in micro operators can be said to be more than Niumao, but most of them are just amateur and part-time composition, thus doomed to part of the micro business only minor in "with the group" in the team, only in the ride. For the status of the micro business is considerable, so not a stick killed one, still have to screw up the individual. How to make their own micro business smooth road, marketing planning is particularly important. Micro business operates in either part-time or full-time, still have to do with life synchronization, absolutely not independent of the network, can not be independent of WeChat, can not be independent of a group of friends, captures the essence of this marketing problem, will be clear to learn to adjust the layout, integration and sharing. The object of the micro business marketing mode is related and operation of products, but the marketing process should not be left dead, which indicates that the micro business need to rely on wholesale, marketing to the whole "mopping up" market, do online and offline synchronization operation, to a certain extent with reasonable emphasis.

comprehensive and effective use of WeChat’s "keys" to do marketing after blossom everywhere. WeChat marketing itself is a complex system, we must make good use of every link, which achieve mastery, this one of the clues that Practice makes perfect., not a casual WeChat can give that needs some thought and understanding. Marketing mode is only to a reasonable use of their weapons, in order to comprehend by analogy, how reasonable to utilize all the function keys on WeChat is difficult, not with the ingenious application of fancy and harassment, pay attention to art and technology marketing. Micro business is a common phenomenon of advertising everywhere, mass advertising messages every day is a laminated floor, let the consumer is very offensive, and finally had to secretly shield, the most serious will be the circle of friends, friends lamented WeChat advertising circle of friends was finally. Here is how to use the marketing mode as long as all the features of WeChat, to complete the transformation of information, truly marketing after the blossom everywhere.

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