How do promote e commerce website

for the general means of promotion, I believe the webmaster friends know, and today, we share the experience of e-commerce website promotion experience.

the name of the company is the Chinese life network,, is a living goods distribution platform, first provide volume to the supplier is advertising, products sold to the Commission after the advertising, consumers can get points in our consumer platform, points accumulated to a certain extent can get the right agent, the equivalent of the supermarket member price, enjoy preferential. Want to start a friend, you can also apply for community service stores and distribution centers do physical store operations.

this model is very innovative, there is no domestic competitors, but the site is not in place to promote the. When I arrived, the website traffic can also, but the PR value is only 3, under normal circumstances, the PR value should be up to about 5. In addition, the site’s key words and description and web content does not match, do not exchange links, the chain is also relatively small.

the first thing I do is to increase the chain, mainly through the way of writing soft, often using the way is to choose one or two e-commerce sites, and to compare the life network, write out the soft, with no obvious nature of the advertising. The second is to exchange Links, because we are doing online shopping, and so on some high PR online shopping site to exchange Links, because the weight of similar sites, up to now has been the exchange of thirty or forty online shopping site, because the PR value is only 3, so it’s not easy to exchange, but the exchange has been unremittingly. Links is all above 4, and even some of the PR value 5 shopping site, can be said to be of very high quality links. Third is to optimize the key words and description of the web page, improve the site’s keyword density, optimize the description of the web page.

is also planning a network promotion activities, plans to work with a well-known blog, a blog to share their experience of the network activities, through the sharing of their own, learn from others to improve. Through the selection of Internet users can get the prize, but the difficulty is relatively large, is still under consideration.

above is what I do promotion work, there may be some deficiencies, but still can provide some reference for the promotion of the.

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