How to use the QQ network to the white space from a monthly income of 5W

the arrival of the mobile Internet, to miss the traditional Internet business friends, provides a good opportunity, you can grasp again? How to become a media expert from the network how to build a small white, small and beautiful features of micro business, this paper use QQ to share a space with your female part-time selling yam, how do the monthly sales of 50 thousand yuan of from zero in the second half of this year. She recorded the main course with seven butterfly log, then we will be divided into three phases to share with you.

first article: only fast not broken — on the micro marketing action force

Internet marketing change rapidly, the waves pushed forward waves run, there are many cases and data, I will not say more. One step to catch up, step by step.

alone from my own. I clearly remember that when people make money through Taobao, the heart of the jealousy and hate. How people are so smart, can easily make money on the Internet to open the early Taobao and then stick to it, have earned a lot of money.

when I was interested in Taobao, the side is now Amoy into treasure late, now Taobao is not easy to make money, the voice. I look at the slow response of a few pictures? I hate teeth itch!

so when I came into contact with micro marketing in 2013, the first reaction was this way in August. Why?

first, no shop, whether online or offline. Of course, if you already have a physical store, then micro marketing can open up new business scope, increase profit growth point. Traditional industries, are seeking new means of Internet marketing, to save profits increasingly transparent and drawbacks of profit.

second, the need is to WeChat, micro-blog, QQ and space combine to build their own circle, to win trust, and then accept the product. Of course, this requires a process.

third, the need to invest, is to learn in class, and put considerable effort to maintain, but also more exchanges and circle counterparts. This is necessary, because I do not understand ah, do not learn how to operate it?

if you just look at the above points, is not very simple? It seems easier than Taobao shop.

yes, do not know how much simple than the traditional business! Only need a computer and mobile phone, select the product, fix supply, you can begin! This is so far I have seen the most simple sales model. Very easy to use, the initiative in their own hands. Thanks for the great Internet!

so I brave and decisive to jump under the micro marketing of the sea!

but, actually, it’s not as far as it goes.

a lot of people think the president listened to this class, or the training, and then find a micro marketing cheats from Everything will be fine. Ha, there is such a simple thing? If so, did not do a training course can create numerous micro marketing 20/80 law everyone knows the nouveau riche? "

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