There is a god promotion called automatic attention

first of all, I have to explain, what is the automatic attention, so as not to misunderstand! Attention, I said here, and nothing to pay attention to the magic of magic.



]: automatic attention by lawful means, formal way, you don’t need promotion or promotion you don’t need to spend too much money and manpower, active users pay attention to us, our initiative to add micro signal, automatically become our customers!


in the PC Internet era, we see more is the haunt of the SEO (search engine optimization), the keywords ranking can bring a flood of users and traffic. So in the mobile Internet era, WeChat marketing in the world and how to do so that the user’s attention, automatically become our users?

E guest, according to the WeChat public operations and promotion of practical experience, to tell you the following seven kinds of automatic focus, automatic access to the user’s marketing channels and methods:

public number search, access to the user and the flow of


soft and video, reproduced, sharing and other means of communication to get users and traffic

shape the brand, brand influence and reputation to get users and traffic

provide valuable services, user needs and access to

do activities, relying on discounts, red envelopes, sweepstakes, courtesy and other users and traffic forwarding

get rid of old customers, improve user stickiness, by turning referrals and recommendations to get users and traffic

to find effective resources, access to resources by the user and the flow of

a public number search, access to users and traffic by keyword

before I wrote an article "how to get a good WeChat public name?", and the importance of writing skills, WeChat public name, which refers to a "name with keywords", with the Internet PC SEO is the same reason, according to official statistics, there are about about 10000000 public number, what people search such as honey, Maca, Wenwan, beauty and other keywords your number will appear in the top 10, or the first few pages


of course, if you can have a keyword in a top ranking, do not promote every day there are a steady stream of users take the initiative to increase the number of public concern about you.

some people say that I have no public key words ah, why do I not row up? This is another matter, you can row to the front of the plane, from multiple dimensions to judge, not what people say, WeChat systems is calculated according to the comprehensive quality score you the public number, for example, whether there is a keyword, whether the authentication operation over a long period of time, the number of users, user activity and retention rate is high.

two, soft text and video, reproduced, sharing, etc.

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