Mi months pass Princess promotion Pepsi Millennium monkey tells us what kind of marketing skills

to write the first, must admit that a state of the author is: never seen Mi months pass, but read a lot about Mi months pass the introduction and marketing story, I finished the princess’s promotion, updating, repeatedly seen Pepsi’s Millennium monkey video, and deeply arouse the joy of childhood memories, my heart is also good for the warmth of the monkey king Pepsi advertising applauded.


has been the only positive way, problem.


" Mi months pass to

our marketing experience

first, very strong star lineup, strong design packaging, not bad marketing team, the outcome is not bad enough to go.

in the MI months pass at the beginning of the line, just two excellent reputation of the related theme TV series, we also know about: "Nirvana in Fire" and "The Legend of Zhen Huan", together with the important role of the two drama still in "Mi month biography", we must still clear. So, before the "Star Line" and Mi months pass with the two already popular drama, has been deeply catches the eye of people, it also play before the promotion is very successful.


plus, duly completed gorgeous clothing, exquisite scenes, for the "Mi month biography" wearing more conspicuous "top hat", like a princess born with a golden spoon, her every step of growth are carefully arranged, set the.

finally make full use of the marketing team, the history of the empress dowager, Mi Mi months pass "new sowing" the cute little Mi months, then must learn from "Mi months biography" in the product manager what, be able to use any resources, this team is used, is also worthy of according to the history of the most honest marketing team.

so a series of "halo", had "pushed" Mi months pass to a very high level, no worse where to go. All, rich and powerful and packaging capabilities, what skills are not to give a BA Baba exposure, this product is not where to go.

but the question is, is the highest benchmark that you really want to achieve?

second, opportune, one is not suitable, they lost the explosion of the


has the right to have the rich and powerful…… "Mi months pass but" before "Nirvana in Fire", "The Legend of Zhen Huan", after the "Princess promotion", the so-called opportune lost. Not "interlocking Nirvana in Fire the" refined, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" won’t cover the smell, but also encountered a "Princess" promotion "is the user is unable to stop", the highest threshold, "presumably" Mi months pass, do not ride in.

"Crown Princess promotion": a user is the product of the era of

history of the poorest crew, the most open hole in the brain of the plot, but also a heavy mouth of the plot, the thunder of the dress 50 Fen are not comparable to the special effects…… Just let you go, this is about.

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