Talk about the southwest agricultural talent network one day the world rankings doubled the secret

yesterday and we exchange, talk about the growth of the southwest agricultural talent network, today to talk to you about the world rankings doubled overnight thing. From the heart, I really did not expect, yesterday afternoon, I told you that our Alexa ranking has not come out, the results of ten in the evening, the world’s top ranking, the top 6 million 201 thousand and 262. I was that excited ah, we finally have the time, I’ll harvest today ~ ~ ~ on-line check, I was scared to death, even today ranked 183630 in the world, ranking 3676769, I thought wrong, think back to about 30000000, I rubbed his eyes, can see clearly, is more than 3 million 600 thousand ~ ~ ~ day, the world rankings, overnight, doubled. Do not believe there is no way.

now talk about some of our site to promote it.

a, at the beginning of the site, select the appropriate domain name, the entire English domain name may be more easily included.

two, choose good keywords, is the foundation.

three, according to early keywords registered forum, blog, to seize the initiative.

four, published original articles, search engines immediately included, but two hours.

five, in fact, the most critical, or website content to be user-friendly, we are willing to look back, more than anything else.

six, submit all registration information, change into a passive initiative, the world’s strong say.

seven, an increase of 2-3 links a day, update 3-5 original article, so that more than a day to submit the 100 article.

well, because I am not good writing, today it is here, leaving some language specifically to say, southwest agricultural talent network promotion road.

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