Network marketing must find their own direction

in the face of such rapid development of the Internet industry, only rely on the traditional marketing mode has not adapt to the development of enterprises, network marketing is a big part of the enterprise are trying to find their own products and matching.

here, we first look at the earliest Internet marketing, the form is mainly in the search engine PPC, this way did very well in a few years ago, when the Internet in the early stages of development, information is relatively small, the user basically is to find the information he needed information through search search engine. But now the face of the Internet search engine information overwhelming, the amount of information you need to grab it very much, in the face of such a vast amount of information, most users to search are some of the things that let users ready to accept either course, but also a headache, it is easy to turn off the page directly. And the same kind of information is very much, so the effect will be greatly reduced to enterprises.

to consider from the perspective of cost, the PPC search engines need to keep money, in the face of the cost of consumption, will make a lot of enterprises can not accept, but also can not avoid a part of malicious clicks, and this part can not create value but also requires enterprises to pay.

second generation of network marketing, which is now the B2B industry is the main representative of the Alibaba and Hui Cong comprehensive B2B website, this website, mainly to provide membership marketing for enterprises. Affiliate marketing is the enterprise to spend money to buy B2B website members, and then B2B website for members to provide products such as product display, product promotion and other products to promote sales of services.

in fact, whether it is the search for network marketing or membership marketing, have evolved from scratch in the basis of the Internet change rapidly, enterprises also need to meet the market changes, quick to adapt and adjust, such ability in network marketing in the tide of the establishment of the competitive advantage of enterprises. In the face of the third generation of network marketing is to contrast, regardless of what the mainstream oriented, Chengdu enterprises are required to prepare a good grasp of the next round of upsurge of network marketing.

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