Network marketing website how to increase return visit

actually do network marketing, whether it is your way of promotion is to spend money or money or not, the final hope is that there will be more people to pay attention to your website, actually is the increase of the flow rate, but sometimes, novice webmaster will make such a mistake, always want to increase the flow way there is a lot of new visitors to their own network marketing website every day, actually this kind of idea or expectation is misunderstanding, take the network marketing, in fact, after investigation, the turnover rate is maximum or back, similarly, the site visit here is that we should try to flow direction to the greatest extent retain the old visitors, and have good content are not new visitors

we look at how to build their own website can do so that visitors can visit your web site again, do and start from the following efforts:

1) according to the site visitor’s own statistics, detailed analysis of their site visitor loyalty, this loyalty analysis is visitor visits, always pay attention to, update the content, only your website information or information or products, can be useful for visitors, visitors can make your choice the website in the network marketing site numerous, become your loyal fans, if you have the school often on QQ or so, you will find that in fact these space traffic is like land, only you working hard, constantly updated, with Everfount content, can have more people to pay attention to

2) seize the hot information, keep up with the trend of the times

will continue to focus on the current affairs, entertainment and even the related foreign information, as long as it is hot, is a hot topic now to entertainment, is the source of the flow, then do these hot topics report, be able to use their original landing point, to write related the article, which will increase the network marketing your website traffic

3) regularly carry out some sweepstakes

can cause the visitors interested, or some other fun quiz, quiz, interesting voting and so on, can be, if there is a forum, can also send T integral activities, these activities, are to increase the popularity of your network marketing website. The way, try


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