Baidu weight descent recovery method

before and we discussed the weight loss and recovery methods to talk about this Baidu update, the following will be discussed in detail and Baidu weight loss recovery method. First of all, the support of the devil’s brother, you do not have a lot of support posts browse. At the same time, I also heard the voices of criticism of friends, said the post is not clear enough to write, fuzzy, and some problems for the novice is not easy to understand. I will pay attention to the later posts and improve them.

well, the weight mentioned Baidu update after missing yesterday post and recovery method, A5 has the support of friends. And some friends have made the description too vague is not clear enough. Today the detailed implementation methods, see


about the following picture



graph is not what weight and keywords are common Excel software, the information above is my work every day was recorded, as a website operators, record your website data to unremittingly. Although the work of the day is a few numbers, but after a long time you can become the key to the analysis of the site. Through the comparison of the data can be very clear feedback which is the problem.

in the article, the feeling is really more general said yesterday. And make friends feel like I’m a mechanic. Today, I would like to emphasize here, I do here is not a collection of machinery, but artificial collection. Through the development of key words to collect relevant articles. After the acquisition will be sent to the web site, such as pseudo original version of the above. Of course, after a sharp decline from the collection. Changed the strategy, to the original article. At the same time, some of the original Sina blog, blog and other resources to make full use of. Here is a trick, that is to say, in your original article on the site, such as Sina blog through the pseudo original article. At the same time to the site of the article page to do a link, so that you can get a quick collection of original articles. Speaking of this, perhaps some friends have to ask, I have been carried out before the pseudo original articles, never wrote the original article how to do this problem is actually a better solution, I believe we have written a composition. As long as you put the original article as an essay to write good words, not much, but the content should be fine, if you can practice the better. For example: this article. This is my personal practice, so it is very true to write to the visitors, and can learn from the text that they want. This achieves the purpose of the original article. We are now too much to pursue results, lack of neglect of the process, from the boss’s point of view into the money is the best, but we do the optimization of personnel, from the perspective of the visitors, to be more

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