Wang tells you how to shape the WeChat brand through personal image

write the title as a mouthful, I want to say is how to through personal things, the things including your time, your contacts, your ability and so on, and then to put yourself in the sell or in their own business of selling out the final value.

article mainly for small sellers and some part-time staff or entrepreneurs who want to start. As the basis for the achievement of the most important part of the front, or a reference.

at present, whether it is Taobao, or Jingdong, after the initial start-up and success, the founder of the social branding for themselves and the company has made a great contribution. When it comes to Ma, you will think of Taobao, Taobao venture, you will think of ma. In the same way, if you do not have the influence of Ma, then, at the beginning of business or business, you can shape the development of personal brand.

first, do WeChat marketing, you need a WeChat private number and a WeChat public number. Private number you can be small, but you have to use every day, every day in the brush circle of friends like a message. WeChat public number, which requires you to be based on their own products or company positioning.

why do you use a private number and a public number? The reason is that WeChat is WeChat properties, including communication chat brush circle of friends, this is because most people use WeChat’s function, there are still some people through public, since the media see article. The last part of the talent is used to do business. So, we’d want, you want to do business, there must be a WeChat public, let people see you, they see something in you, that people want to buy, how to contact you, is through private WeChat contact you. Reason explained. Continue to talk about some of the details of the problem, because it is often the details of your WeChat marketing failure.

WeChat account registration name, signature is more important. Your name is not very commercial, and can not be completely unrelated to their products or companies. Because we are talking about personal brand to achieve other, so you’d better use their real name or create a name. And then do the name deep, bigger. For example, the ghost foot seven, he is the use of the characters in the film to carry out their own packaging, the late launch of the ghost feet of the main things of the seven. There is the use of fans to charge the economy Lei Jun, Lei Jun’s personal brand also led millet.

for public numbers, the name needs to be consistent with the content. You are selling clothes, it is impossible to talk about eating, selling mobile phone accessories, refused to talk about cars. However, there are some exceptions, the exception will not say.

is a good name and what specific content?

I think there are two points: 1 a look at the name, you know what you are doing, or you know what you do things! 2 know what you are doing, look at the contents of the WeChat public number, can be interested. >

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