Since the media marketing gorgeous behind the complex

a commodity fire, there will be a variety of counterfeit goods, fakes, etc.. Similarly, since the media fire after the emergence of a variety of issues in addition to. For example, a lecturer in the training industry, although had never come into contact with the Internet, but the opening talk about micro-blog marketing courses, but also earned pours, traditional industry bosses were willing to pay tens of thousands of his lecture.

interaction is the last word

in the traditional industry, marketing design, including product promotion, brand promotion, logistics, transportation, store management, etc., is a systematic project. The use of self media marketing should also be the case, since the opening of a media marketing, is equivalent to open a shop in the store, to decoration, to increase the amount of work into the store, staff enthusiasm, product quality should be excellent, to do activities to improve the flow of people. In the use of self media marketing, also want to decorate the media interface, publish the relevant product information, do some related activities, enhance their visibility, maximize attract fans, accumulate customer resources.

unfortunately, now a lot of self media marketing individuals or companies are doing more for self promotion, media push information, but ignore the interaction with the fans, and finally lead to the dissemination of information can not be effectively. Although these information to reach the customer base, but because of the lack of interaction with the fans, and therefore can not leave a deep impression on fans, therefore, the effect of marketing promotion is often not satisfactory.

used to be a business owner who used his company’s marketing methods, such as outdoor advertising, newspaper ads, and so on. Later, micro-blog is very popular to see, many companies are using micro-blog to promote, and in-depth understanding of the discovery, this approach is not only local, fast, good results. So he recruited 2 employees dedicated to micro-blog’s new products, promotions, etc..

in the company’s business micro-blog after a period of time, although a certain promotional effect, but the effect is not obvious, he asked me to help analyze the reasons. I opened the enterprise’s official micro-blog found that many questions from the fans didn’t get a reply, I asked why not staff reply to questions from fans? Staff said: "every day need to send too much content, no time to reply." The problem is that there is no interaction with the fans. The daily release of information should be less and fine, the most important thing is to answer the questions raised by fans, one does not leak. Only full interaction with fans, in order to achieve the best marketing results.

many people just think that since the media is very popular, as long as the content can be released to achieve the purpose of marketing. In fact, we also need to do a lot of things behind the media since the flowers scene, more complex, so as to achieve the desired effect.

from the media marketing is not a simple repeat push this action, if so, and the street advertising behavior is no difference, the results will only find people hate >

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