Through the operation of pharmaceutical marketing marketing planning and implementation activities

activity marketing is a kind of effective mode of medicine marketing operation at present, which can be divided into the form of large-scale marketing activities, urban community activities, city health Salon (Lectures), and township activities. The relatively mature marketing case, such as large-scale marketing activities, community activities, step Eucommia step-down health salon, loxinton Township activities.

is for this, take this website, for example, hot medicine video investment network has launched some of them is in accordance with the operation, such as the good planning, good marketing planning scheme can achieve very good results. Yesterday in stationmaster net Admin5 to share about "marketing activities: ask where the problem, here today continue to talk about the marketing activities in the planning and execution of link link, should pay special attention to several issues:

first, the activities of marketing should take into account four purposes. In an article, I talk about the four purposes of marketing activities, namely: instant sales, expand publicity, medical records, social returns. Marketing is a systematic project, not to engage in activities alone. The marketing activities should be looked around, is the extension of the early marketing link, work nature, and later marketing work solid groundwork.

secondly, find the right entry point, design activities. Why engage in activities, what kind of activities. For example, for patients and return to society; for example, it will meet with the inventor in the clinic, ah ah ah, give preferential…… Wait。 The biggest problem is that there exist, engage in activities without a reason to indiscriminately, is the price. Admittedly, the price strategy does have an immediate effect on the market, but in the long term, not only the loss of interest, and damage to the image, that is not a leader, very worthwhile. Even if it is none, I still tend to give. There are several reasons, first, giving drugs to consumers and marketing concept is not the same, the consumer is tens of dollars on something, we may only ten dollars, interest of not too big; two people at the same time, we give medicine, may not use other pharmaceutical manufacturers, this is the occupation strategy in marketing; three, can cultivate our patient group; four, at best, even if we return to the society, a sincere service.

third, do the activities of the financial budget and sales expectations. Businessmen say profit, activities do not engage in, simply depends on making money, in particular, a large investment activities, the risk is also great. To calculate the input, calculate the output (expected), to see if it is reasonable, cost-effective, and then engage in activities.

fourth, the preparatory work to do solid. In addition to the preparation of some hardware, mainly based on sales, brand crowd, advertising precipitation, pre informed and other four elements, we must do solid, do. Fight no battle unprepared.

fifth, activities to smooth, closely linked to. Activity design should have a clear flow chart, what time (whe>)

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