What are the latest QQ group rankings shielding factors

QQ group ranking post this is a thorny issue recently screened a lot of peer encounter, you will find a new group, optimization ranking label set completely according to the ranking way, are the same, then the group also upgraded 2000 people, the number is also a lot of people, but the search group ranked very near, even better the group of 500 people also set the group ranking, which is to say the typical QQ group post ranking shielding phenomenon, therefore, the degree of M years of marketing experience to share the QQ group ranking factors ranking post what shielding QQ group, which can develop solutions corresponding to the recovery program, let more marketers avoid detours the group blocked post.

first, first query QQ star normal or not:

must query with group QQ, if the star is the star to shield, to appeal, group name changed to a normal title, don’t bring sensitive words, profile, address, labels are empty, head to head the system default.

second, check the number of the group, if it is a group of 2000 people, not more than 1990 people, if 1991 people are not good, be sure to set aside at least 10 people in the free position, the other 1000 people, 500 people and 200 people in.


activity caused by excessive, some ranking with active software brush every day hundreds of the number of speeches, suddenly more and less, easy to be detected by Tencent caused by abnormal shielding rear, then stop the activity of brush requirements.

fourth, a new group of short time a large number of zombies pull into the group, this will cause the rear is 100%, according to the empirical analysis, a IP not more than 100 people invited. So if the new group pulled directly because of a lot of zombie powder, then only through the group of seconds to fall Star Technology to reduce the group of stars, and then quickly restore the state of the complaint group.

is the latest in the QQ group post what ranking shield and solve the restoration plan, this article from the degree of meters, a focus on the whole network the most effective marketing scheme of young artists, at Baidu ranking, more details of the operation of network marketing case and dry cargo please pay attention to the WeChat Q6156816, the public number: dumeboke welcome to communicate. Surprise you, please respect the original results under me, please indicate the link, thank you.

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