An old farmer has Speechless

I’ve got 8 years of hard domains, some people call me minon. See just 8 months of domain name brothers own appellation cadelle. Estimated that more and more farmers. So the farmer said. Ding Lei did not know the domain name, but he has  who is the love I do not know Pizi, the latter millet sold nearly billion.

I registered the first domain name is 11, it was 99 years. Then there are 3-4 a domain name, ignored. Now are in the 3-4 meters, no, only 11 of the domain name.

I have a

value 6 old. I just gave me at 600. A garbage can in the market speculation of millions, as long as the same as the rookie reporters followed ventilation.

is one of the country’s 50 trademarks, I price 20 thousand, the penalty of 20 thousand, and has a domain name for garbage million, the actual value of less than 100 fast. Also from broadsheet to tabloid in favor of small flow fried hula.

There are many enthusiastic lovers

every day, with a pin like combination to come over, I comment on M. And usually with a vision to look forward to my hundreds of thousands of dollars to give him the price, look at those domain names, I really want to say: this meter, it will be 1 yuan, a total of 5. Don’t waste your energy.


market has not about value, not to talk about the price, only talk about huyou. The older generation has been quietly hiding, and a new generation of impetuous atmosphere in the more biased. Waste billions of registration and renewal of resources. Some people go astray, yesterday saw a cybersquatting extortion was sentenced to one year in Admin5 enterprises.

every time after the event, the rice group and forums, the rest is to dig these events related to the pinyin. The market is only the China after chewing wax fragrance. God seven, 100. Look at the market low and helpless.

only a number of domestic enterprises to induce the registration of various types of domain name service is called service. The other did not show a little bit of the vitality of the domain name. Although the number of CN and COM registration is rapidly rising. But most of the domain name is still entrenched in the hands of love. Asymmetric domain name service, the concept of market demand, will be a lot of influence domestic market.

shuttle every day in Domain and Admin5 domain name forums, looking forward to discovering the dawn. The domestic and foreign market more and more distance. Sedo Dnforum more and more far away.

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