Ali push Amoy shop plan wireless link time code

increasingly fragmented in the channel, the structure is more and more flat mobile Internet era, the platform for the center to get traffic business model began to become difficult. How to make the world in the mobile era is not difficult to do business, Ali has become the focus of the evolution of the body and upgrade the competition in vitro.

is the PC end shopping function moved online, so that consumers shopping in the wireless terminal? Or the use of big data to make commodity personalization, social recommendation, to create diverse and rich shopping experience for consumers? After repeated trial and error and exploration, wireless layout Ali pushed further, launched the Amoy shop".

whether before the code Amoy strategy, 3· the 8 scan code to buy, or just start the "Amoy shop", is about people and goods, people and brand direct connection, interactive wireless terminal operators.

what is the "Amoy shop"


group business department senior product expert Qin Fen told reporters "the world network", "Amoy shop" is the growth in the mobile phone of a Taobao tool, so that businesses can be completed entirely by mobile phone from end to end the operation of buyer seller.

it is understood that the application of "zero threshold Amoy shop". As long as China citizen ID, you can in the mobile phone Taobao through the "Amoy shop" shop. If the world to buy hand, as long as there is an international passport, can also do the purchasing business in the "Amoy shop".

at present, open the phone Taobao client, in my Taobao column can see I want to shop, click to go to be able to complete the registration. For example, last month, with "the first buyer" status, the Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma across half the globe for consumer goods for global. If Ma Yun registered his "Amoy shop" shop account in Taobao mobile phone, a few big bags and readily upload pictures, if there is a certain discount, that store purchasing business must be fire.

purchasing is one of the more typical use of the scene, as long as the fans and content can effectively reach, the seller does not ‘7× 24’ hours guarding the computer to do Taobao shop." Qin Fen introduction, help sellers wireless upgrade, is one of the core values of Amoy shop ". In addition, in the wireless terminal, to provide more channels to help them connect with consumers, interactive businesses, is also the "Amoy shop" value.

before the seller is in the background of the PC store management, membership, orders, goods, business can not do without a computer. Now the "Amoy shop", the seller can do business communication whenever and wherever possible, whenever and wherever possible and consumers. This is a true wireless." Qin Fen think.

real wireless is not the end of the PC thing to move to the wireless side, but based on the wireless platform, there are more businesses and consumers to connect business model. "Amoy shop" is one of the models.

Taobao ecosystem as the center of small sellers

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