Jiang Haotian Aurora babe network size growth rate and viscosity of users to lead the mobile matern

top capital and the industry’s most outstanding team cooperation, we believe that this is a historic opportunity to create a big platform for the next China Mobile shopping". Aurora director Jiang Haotian held in June 16th of the "new babe Network – New – new pattern electric power" strategy of publishing and media communication conference, said that the investment is highly recognized for babe babe network network data, team and market based on vision.


babe network in January last year received a $100 million C round of financing, refresh the record of nearly $1 billion valuation of maternal electricity providers among the "unicorn" company, announced a strategic conference held babe network in 16 days, has completed D $100 million round of financing. It is worth noting that this financing not only has had multiple rounds of investment babe network investment (high capital investment 4, today the capital, IDG capital investment 3, New Horizon Capital Investment 2), also including new shareholders become babe net investor nlvc. While many well-known investment institutions to inject funds, also means that the babe network has been affirmed in the past achievements, prospects for more people period. At present, babe network has over 50 million users, more than 5000 brand cooperation. In 2015 the babe network of GMV was 4 billion, GMV is expected in 2016 will exceed 10 billion, become a new force in the pattern of the electricity supplier China.

"as track maternal electricity supplier leader, babe network not only in size on the absolute leader, more important is its user stickiness and the growth rate is still the highest in the field of mobile providers." Jiang Haotian expressed full confidence and look forward to the strategic investment strategy in babe network conference.


The following is the full text of the northern lights

director Jiang Haotian to speak at the scene:

Jiang Haotian: Hello, everybody! I’m very glad to communicate with you on this occasion. We value this time. Electricity supplier is a big industry, Zhang Lianglun PPT talked about the electricity supplier was born in ten years a number of listed companies, there are hundreds of thousands of Ali and Jingdong, there are tens of billions of vip.com. Then we have a few listed companies with two very close to talk about, and finally did not vote for a variety of reasons. Is not the opportunity, we do not think so, we feel that the electricity supplier is a good era of the past, but second good times have just begun. Second good times are driven by two things: mobility, mode. We have a very mobile experience, the characteristics of the user to buy, starting from the era of Taobao PC era, the current mobile terminal to buy the main features of the user to buy a lot of different.

lights cast some companies to sell to overseas Chinese cross-border electricity we also voted, PC began to do. But the mobile era is not a change in the structure of the supplier, nor does it mean that the user has changed, but because of the change in the place of purchase. PC to the mobile terminal, which is a huge opportunity, but also to the rapid growth of many companies opportunities.

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