Express delivery today welcomed the peak Title whirling

"double eleven" in the past, but the package is still on the road, in the logistics industry "final exam" has just begun.

this year, Tmall double eleven global Carnival produced 467 million logistics orders, compared with the previous double growth of 168%. According to statistics, all parcels will add up to 11 million miles around the earth, the earth to the sun close to the back and forth 1500 times, breaking through the most distant human exploration.

Although this year the increase in the number of

packages, but according to the "daily economic news" reporter learned from a number of courier companies, after several years of "double eleven" experience and improve the ability of large data base, "support" plus the current courier company overall operating capacity can take time for, warehouse explosion has become the past tense.

in addition, with the number of courier companies double eleven orders announced that the annual Title battle became the focus of attention of all parties.

big data, social collaboration deepen

in the logistics industry "double eleven" wars tend to be from 12 until the official opening this year, rookie network based on big data to enhance the trader, the industry out of 100 million yuan in subsidies for incentive courier companies and big business Lanshou in advance. And in the past few years, double eleven is different, this year’s express speed is particularly eye-catching.

Tmall double eleven in the first single with only 14 minutes to complete the door, the first single cross-border only to the hands of consumers in the hands of a few hours, the first single rural Taobao also spent only 1 hours and 48 minutes. "Double eleven" generated in the package of the 40% have been sent on the same day.

rookie network president Tong Wenhong believes that this contrast means that China’s logistics industry has great potential for development, which is a result of a sound social logistics collaboration. This year ushered in a turning point in the logistics industry, which is a sign of the comprehensive use of data and social collaboration level deepened."

then she cited a series of startling figures: this year "double eleven" during the use of single surface electronic business accounted for more than 80%; 617 transfer center, 176 thousand outlets and rookie network big data prediction system is completed and real-time synchronization and rookie real-time connection. She will be this year’s double eleven called DT (Data Technology) logistics first year.

spell the number of times the end of the

according to the Convention, the annual "double eleven" package will become the next peak or average daily, thus deciding the next year’s market ranking, every courier company for all the rivalry.

this year "double eleven" before, Yuantong Express chairman Yu Weijiao first public voice, clear the China Yuantong express market occupy 21% market share, ranking the industry first, means to express the arena for many years, the list of history is rewritten, but no official numbers can be corroborated. It is for this reason, this year’s double eleven order numbers cited

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