Hangzhou cross border electricity supplier in trouble the original monthly turnover wuliushiwan now

Zhang Hao (a pseudonym) is a cross-border electricity supplier "European top operation manager, the platform is positioned as high-end European household goods cross-border imports, this is a good business, but now encounter troubles.

May 6th, Zhang Hao told the daily economic news reporter, the company’s current business performance has fallen sharply, there is hope, and now can not work".

"European top grade" in cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone, and the implementation of new cross-border electricity supplier for a month, the cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone of imported parcels 1 million 381 thousand and 200, daily shipments of 46 thousand, a decline of 57%, the larger the impact.

barely managed to run

"the European top grade office located in Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park, two floor, the entire office area of nearly 1000 square meters, the new deal has now more than 2000 yuan, a single can not do, but also the annual limit of $20000." Zhang Hao said.

in April 8th, the Ministry of Finance announced that on cross-border e-commerce retail import goods in accordance with the goods are taxed at the same time, the single transaction limit increased from 1000 yuan in the post tax policy will be set to 2000 yuan, while individual annual transaction limit of 20000 yuan.

"A lot of

appliances prices are more than 2000 yuan / piece, and they cannot be separated, this kind of goods are now completely can not, so we need to make substantial adjustments in the platform, only to find 2000 yuan of the following goods, such as food, clothing and shoes and bags, and the category of competition is very intense."

Zhang Hao told the daily economic news reporter, the company is currently operating in North Canton and other cities have points, Hangzhou was started in November 11th last year, less than half a year. "Hangzhou companies are just beginning to have at least monthly turnover wuliushimo yuan, now platform turnover is 10 million yuan, the decline in performance is too big."

"the previous model can still be maintained, the state is now operating at a loss." Zhang Hao said, there is hope, and now hopes are dashed.

, according to Zhang Hao, the company mainly to do online home appliances, furniture line. Among them, the furniture industry is a little better, if the appliance transformation requires 3C, a 3C certification might have spent hundreds of thousands of yuan, high cost, and takes a long time.

main business to seek transformation

in Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce industry park, is seeking business transformation not only the "European top grade" this one.

Wang Yihang is a "foreign things" and vice president of COO, which is a both bonded mode and cross-border import electricity supplier platform direct purchase mode, provide foreign supermarkets selling goods, such as baby products, health care products, organic food, cleaning supplies, the total amount of 100 million yuan of business platform.


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