U S group of 130 million active buyers in the domestic electricity business ranked second

recently, the Jingdong reported a deadline of 12 months of the year June 30, 2015, the number of active users reached 118 million, and the U.S. group released data show that the annual active buyers reached 130 million, which means that the United States has surpassed Jingdong to become second only to Taobao’s second largest active buyers business platform.

industry analysts pointed out that, only five years since the establishment of the United States and to the "more than and 10 years" Jingdong and Taobao stood at the same level, it is not easy, mainly in its grasp of the rigid demand of users in the field of clever layout of idle away in seeking pleasure, and achieved good results.

is different from the physical power, emphasize the local service providers, based on this, the United States mission to actively expand the layout, at present, the U.S. group covering more than 1100 City, business cooperation reached 1 million 600 thousand, can be used in the U.S. group China all prefecture level cities and county-level city services.

in terms of business layout, the United States mission complete catering, takeaway, hotels, movies, travel and other full-service coverage. The first half of this year, U.S., more than 2 million 300 thousand single orders, "China enfodesk Internet takeaway food market in the first half of the 2015 thematic research report" shows that the U.S. market share of 41.24%, the industry first.

The first half of

, cat movie turnover exceeded 6 billion yuan, more than the year 2014. The cat has covered more than 4000 theaters, seat selection services accounted for 76%.

in the hotel and tourism areas, the tourism industry has just set up the hotel group also made a good record: the first half of this year, the transaction amounted to 7 billion 100 million yuan, the consumption volume of more than 33 million hotel room nights, it is worth mentioning that the United States Mission Hotel field of mobile terminal transactions accounted for 96.6%, such as the beauty group travel ticket business the like a raging fire.

industry analysts pointed out that, after several years of development, the United States has a foothold in the trillions of dollars in the local life services market, with the vertical line of business development, to show the advantages of mobile terminals, explore the potential of the city, the United States Mission in the next few years have the opportunity to become the largest user of China business platform.


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