The next generation of e commerce

over the past ten years, e-commerce has no doubt that the Alibaba group. The electronic commerce website’s Alibaba and respectively occupy the domestic B2B, B2C half of the country, dominant position no shake.

Ma Yunchang said: the essence of the Internet is the sharing of resources. The emergence of the Internet has greatly promoted the development of information flow and cash flow, which has created the era of e-commerce.

, however, e-commerce is not perfect now. Everyone can see that now the surface of electronic commerce is very lively, the essence is basically a noisy. Because the logistics problem has not been fundamentally solved. For example, I opened a shop in Dalian, selling digital products, in Shenzhen purchase, and many of my customers are also in the vicinity of Shenzhen, Shanghai. Such goods sent sent, does not meet the e-commerce more convenient, the original intention. The development of things tends to be more convenient and more perfect. I believe that the next ten years will be a fundamental change in the pattern of e-commerce. Next generation e-commerce.

next generation e-commerce is divided into two parts:

a, regional e-commerce

the Internet to connect the whole world together, the concept of the region proposed here is not confined to the regional information flow, but logistics. The next generation of e-commerce era will have a giant company, the establishment of a national logistics distribution center, responsible for procurement and distribution. In the city to establish B2C stores or subsidiaries, unified distribution management. The company is responsible for the city’s B2C e-commerce, the use of city express, to maximize the cost savings. The unified management of the company, closely monitor the distribution and sale of each commodity.

two, industry e-commerce

industry B2B e-commerce, based on more professional. The establishment of the company’s e-commerce industry navigation, the establishment of subsidiaries in each industry. The company is responsible for the management of all trades in the industry. E-commerce can be integrated with foreign trade e-commerce.

Internet is the essence of resource sharing, in the next ten years, e-commerce can not completely replace the entity’s business. Its positioning is still an auxiliary entity industry, the purpose is to more easily solve the information flow, cash flow, logistics integration in three areas. Only in line with the nature of future e-commerce, in order to get a higher speed of development.

Overlord will the future of e-commerce

is a Alibaba or blue heart group?


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