100 million people are playing the answer fight a lot of social networking and its road

Looking back at the

station in early 2017, 2016 Ali drying out of the double 11 Tmall turnover of 120 billion 700 million of the report, the Jingdong to produce a profit for the first time in 12 years of earnings, beautiful figures to further consolidate the two electricity supplier industry dominance.

at the same time, "the second half" speech is Xiaoyun, the electricity supplier industry is no exception. Over the winter capital, traffic costs, operating costs of each platform to pull the new day rising, face two big pressure, return the user needs and explore new business models become every business platform of the survival of the road. Among them, the social electricity supplier has become an unexpected choice.

social electricity supplier, just as its name implies, social + electricity supplier, the combination of the two great imagination, the industry has been obsessed. However, when the Jingdong in Tencent has 2 years without sparks, when Ali from "from" to "circle" of the world began to run everywhere, accustomed to the combination of social and commercial "incompatible".

who would have thought, a new electricity supplier to join the war, only a short period of 1 years, with more than 100 million users and more than 2 billion months GMV score opens up and prove to the whole industry: social electricity supplier of this road, someone finally go through.


suddenly popped a dark horse players, called "fight a lot".

personal search from friends recommend social networking magic in the shopping experience

when the machine is recommended to become the Internet age trend, Zhang Xiaolong still insisted that the user is not interested in things recommended to him, because the machine is not recommended better than a friend recommended". However, the father of WeChat may not know, the electricity supplier in the field and he has the same understanding.

Huang Zheng, chairman of the fight from the very beginning aimed at a friend recommended this social entrance, in order to cut the electricity supplier industry. And this form, for the user as if there is a special magic, so just a year, the formation of the 100 million people are playing a lot of fight phenomenon.


the first layer of "magic" is a fun shopping. "When a lot of shopping is not all purpose type, and you just want to about 32 friends, to joy, to WAL-MART. Shopping is social, entertainment, and a part of life." In the eyes of Zheng Huang, social business models innovation, the essence is regression, which makes online consumer regain social attributes, let shopping become "temperature".

through a lot of spelling, individuals can start their own friends and family to fight in WeChat group, fight the group successfully, merchant shipping. This model will be incorporated into the social behavior of the purchase, the original shopping behavior increased interactivity and fun, providing a new shared shopping experience.

second layer magic is cheap. Mention shopping, anyone wants to buy cheap products, a lot of people will be addicted to Taobao, Beijing

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