Taobao member day new play Can be used to get the naughty value taxi coupons

August 12th news, today, Taobao launched "Taobao member day" feature, the user can according to their own "naughty" to receive the relevant privileges, such as taxi drops coupons, coupons, flow 100 yuan Tmall supermarket bag etc..


According to

billion state power network to understand, this issue of "Taobao member" topics including four kinds of privileges, including travel privileges, free privilege, privilege, privilege motion supermarket. Which contains 1000 yuan subsidy funds, Wanda travel game player game currency free plus the amount of privilege, a taxi drops 1 yuan relief, charge flow, mooncake vouchers and other items.

billion state power network is observed, the special requirements of users, "naughty" minimum reached 400 points, but the Yoga Party admission qualifications more need to reach 1500 points to receive.


In addition to

, there are friends said, inside the drops of red envelopes lost the phone number on the point of moving, drops that can not get ah, how the matter". Billion state power network conducted a test, there is the same problem found. Taobao has not made any response to this.


it is understood that Taobao will be the 12 day of each month was set up as a member of Taobao, Taobao will also be launched on the day of the members of the preferential activities, but did not set up a special topic.

days ago, Taobao launched the "naughty" value by the user’s purchasing power, interactive index and shopping credit index comprehensive evaluation, not only the reference consumption capacity. Users can search the phone Taobao "my Taobao" – "member center" to check their naughty value.


value was originally "naughty" VIP system "in the general level of the concept is divided into three segments, the core index of purchase, interaction and credibility, which will help us to find the real want to encourage users, Taobao is also the realization of" community "and" content "of the important way." Jiang Fan, senior director of mobile phone Taobao said.

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