Network network in grand track phenomenon in P enabling products

In September 2nd,

news, produced the music as the motion picture directed by Guo Jingming’s "grand track" super IP annual conference call yesterday in beijing. The news broke, the same as an important sub ecological network network, has won the "grand track" liquor customized exclusive IP derivatives rights, which indicates that the build network network will accelerate the phenomenon of ecological IP product matrix.


"grand track" exclusive custom wine products

August 24th, network network successfully landed three new board, a liquor business visit the capital market miracle speed, fully shows that the capital market is recognized for its innovative business potential, the driving force for the large capital injection strategy IP. Hold the hands of the "sword", "Tomb notes", "the people of Beijing and New York and other guest" super IP network network, add a "grand track" trump card, the industry once again pay attention to the wine industry offbeat game player.

create the phenomenon of ecological IP product matrix

network network in the "grand track" is reasonable. In 2016, the domestic film market, "grand track" is definitely the hottest market of domestic cultural industry in IP, since it has been since the shooting, the fans and the industry’s attention. With the explosion of IP network network "depth, build again overweight ecological IP derivatives. In fact, network network and Guo Jingming produced IP works early origins. Previously, network network has launched a customized version of "time" boiling cool cocktails, bright bright colors and IP image to make the products become an independent school bestselling.

It is reported that

, "grand track" wine custom wine for the wine network of its own products "Meilan flower burning cocktail", high degree of matching with the "grand track" target audience, fantasy packaging elements also attention. It is reported that this custom wine will be in recently LETV "black debut 919" variety feast, this is another masterpiece after MI, rose wine, fire and other phenomena of ecological Grote IP products.

Analysis of

industry, panoramic operation eco IP is the core competitiveness of the network network. IP products and entertainment network network will present the most vigorous build combined and started operation of this model, not only from the film IP, is to deepen the operation from the star IP, sports IP and other dimensions, not only from the upstream industry chain to get the exclusive wine quality wine, and in the case of IP marketing has brought a new shock to the industry and its enlightenment.

IP ability to operate the product brand

network network has stressed the importance of IP in its foreign strategy: the use of music as richly endowed by nature of IP resources, through the panoramic ecological operation mode of IP, enabling global quality brand, enhance brand premium and profitability.

network network flagship product matrix in this year’s phenomenal star of a single product rose from the fire, as the annual fantasy drama "sword" exclusive brand of liquor products, landing a hot network variety talk show "milk"

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